XM Pretends To Let Customers Cancel

UPDATE: XM Radio Executive Contact Info

Some XM Radio subscribers protesting the Opie and Anthony suspension hang up the phone thinking they’ve canceled, but after calling back to verify, it turns out they’ve only been given a 1-6 month credit, writes reader Justin:

On Wednesday I called and canceled my XM subscription after finding out Opie and Anthony were suspended. This afternoon (Thursday) I read on a message board that subscribers who also called to cancel were finding out their accounts were not canceled. Instead some were given the 1-6 month credit they turned down and others found out their accounts were not flagged for cancellation until May 26 (XM’s shareholder meeting is May 25th, coincidence?).

Sure enough, when I called XM customer support to verify my cancellation I was told my account was granted a 3 month credit on Wednesday instead of the cancellation I demanded. After being transferred to the cancellation department I was hung up while on hold waiting for them to pick up. It took one more call to find out my account had been canceled around the time I was on hold (hung up on) waiting for the cancellation department.

So if any readers canceled their XM service they need to call XM again and verify. Otherwise they may be in for a surprise in a few months when XM monthly charges start back up.

Others writing on an Opie & Anthony fan forum, Wackbag, say the same happened to them.

It’s almost as if XM hired AOL’s old retention specialists. — BEN POPKEN

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