Chase Switches Me To Paperless Billing, Without My Consent, Then Charges Late Fees

Is Chase enrolling customers in paperless billing without their consent and then charging them late fees when they fail to pay? That’s what seems to have happened to Jack, who writes:

Don’t know if it’s only me, or if this is a nefarious scheme, but in the past month I have been stuck with late fees on two credit cards for apparently (allegedly) missing payments. Both of the accounts have been paperless bills, paperless billing for which I have not enrolled.

Upon paying the entire balance (for both cards); one waived the late fee and put me back on paper bills and one refused to waive the late fee, but offered to put me back on paper bills. I canceled the card and have refused to pay the late fee.

Again, I don’t know if this is a trend or some kind of scheme, but perhaps other folks have (are having) this problem.

I pay all but one of my credit card bills in full every month (only one not paid in full has a 0% rate).

One is card through Chase. The other is another Chase card. Hmmmm, a coincidence?

Any other readers experience getting mysteriously changed over to paperless billing and then charged late fees, either with Chase or another bank? It seems to have happened to at least one other person, also with Chase.

The other question is whether it’s due to malice, or mere incompetence. The behavior of JP Morgan Chase’s subsidiary, SST Card Services, makes one wonder how far the poison apple falls from the tree. — BEN POPKEN

(Photo: David Nemesis)