How To Sell On eBay

No Credit Needed made over $1000 in 2005 selling baby clothes on eBay as a way to get out of debt. He’s sharing 15 tips he learned, but fear not, childless readers, most apply to selling any kind of item at the online auction site. For one,

Take a good picture! If you do nothing else, be sure to include a good, crisp picture of whatever article of clothing you are selling. I lay the outfits that I am selling down on the carpet in our sun-room and take two or three pictures of each outfit, making sure to capture any special appliqu

s or decals. Note: If the item has a “flaw”, be sure to show the flaw in the picture. You want to be honest!

Another rule we follow is to only sell and ship to confirmed U.S. Paypal addresses. This provides you with numerous protections in the event someone tries to scam you. If you ship to an unconfirmed or foreign address, the buyer can claim they never received the item, demand their money back through Paypal, and the company will frequently find in their favor. — BEN POPKEN

How To Sell Baby Clothes On eBay [No Credit Needed]

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