Can't Advertise Milk As Weight-Loss Aid, FTC Says

In response to FTC pressure, milk makers say they will stop advertising that drinking milk leads to weight loss.

The National Dairy Council’s new campaign will instead, “emphasize the role of dairy in weight maintenance.”

The FTC directive followed a petition filed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an activist group operating as a PETA storefront.

Emboldened by this apparent victory, PCRM goes on to cast doubt on the claim that milk builds strong bones, saying, “Evidence shows it does nothing of the kind.”

We’re pretty darn sure that how much calcium you consume up to a certain age is a key factor in your life-long bone density. More calcium, denser bones, less chance for osteoporosis. All available evidence shows that milk still has a bunch of calcium in it. — BEN POPKEN

U.S. Government Calls for End to Dairy Weight Loss Ads [Washington Post] (Thanks to SpiderJerusalem!)
(Photo: R’eyes)

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