Citibank's "All-Electronic Program" Sends Paper Notice Stating Account Is Available To View Online

After enrolling in Citibank’s “All-Electronic Program,” FiveCentNickel was surprised to find the following notice in his mailbox:

Your Citibank statement is now available at This notification is part of the All-Electronic Program you enrolled in to receive your statements online only instead of in the mail.

How counterintuitive. If Citi needs to send mail, why not send the account statement, rather than a notice that the statement is available online? Better yet, send neither. Or at least change the name to something more accurate, like the “Mostly, But Not Quite All-Electronic Program.” — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

CitiBank’s “All-Electronic” Program Sure Involves a lot of Paper [FiveCentNickel]
(Photo: josephp)