Top Posts Of The Week

This Kmart Bacon Is Excellent, But Could Use Some More Fat
“Your first instinct will be to say, “Simon, fat is the point of bacon.” Then you will look at the picture above and realize that your second instinct, to vomit, is in fact, the correct one.”

AT&T Charges Up To Eight Minutes For A One-Minute Phone Call
“AT&T claims it is required by the FCC to pay the in-state connection fees set by each state. That would be nice, except according to an FCC spokesman, “Calling card rates aren’t regulated. Period.””

Geek Squad Fixed My iPod By Sending Me A Broken One
“I pointed at the box with a “Quality Tested” sticker printed on it (twice), and he just laughed. I told him about how I had so much trouble the LAST time I wanted to get my iPod fixed, and he just said to his buddy, “Were you working here then? I wasn’t either. Man, that sucks””

Lights, Camera, Great Customer Service
“Movie Gallery obviously refunded the late fees. To apologize, they gave J two free rentals. Then, they gave J’s daughter free candy.”

Trader Joe’s Has The Authority To Install Traffic Arrows
“Oh, wait. No, it doesn’t. A reader wrote in to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer because he was suspicious that a traffic arrow installed in the alley near his home wasn’t legit.”