Increase The Value Of Your Garage

Hey! That old garage could be worth money! If you’re like most American homeowners, you fill your garage with crap and let your car sit out in the rain. This is stupid. Stop doing this. By cleaning up your garage and making it into a useful space, you can increase the value of your home and protect the value of your car. (Psst, a good garage can add 14% to the value of your home, according to Bankrate.)

For some, elbow grease is the only cost. Make sure there’s room to park the cars and clean up the oil spots!—MEGHANN MARCO

Raise the door on the value of your garage
(Photo: Jezz)


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  1. DeeJayQueue says:

    If you’re not going to use the garage to keep your own car, rent it out to someone else. My brother in law is a retired mechanic and he rents someone else’s garage to do tune-ups and oil changes on the side here and there. I don’t think he makes back what he pays to rent the place but it’s a good place to keep his tools, and often times you can barter services for reduced rent with the tenant.

  2. Interestingly, in the house I recently moved into, the old owners took the wall the garage door was inserted in, and sealed off the whole thing. Had all sorts of tables set up for tools and whatnot. Bt more importantly, it was an extra room, and added FAR more value to the house than it should have. Obviously, the previous owner was slick as hell, and had done a quick patch job to make the house worth more. Make sure you know what improvements the owners have made to your house before you buy, and make sure you get it all in writing – if they lie, you can demand stupid amounts of money back from them.

    And make sure that your home inspecter looks at details like insulation (esp in houses pre-1970), electrical work, and plumbing. A lot of inspectors are not certified to make judgements on these three things, and can sign their inspections with something along the lines of “Nothing blatenly illegal” even though they never really looked.

    Hey, actually, can some home inspecter post one of those “Confessions” pages? That’d be cool.

  3. pestie says:

    People in this part of Florida turn their garages into extra rooms all the time. I always thought it was a waste of a perfectly good garage, but then I actually park my car in mine, so…

  4. Kornkob says:

    On the other hand in Wisconsin, unlike Florida and other warm weather areas, parking in the garage frequently makes teh difference between being able to start your car in the morning and not.

    Many garages aroudn here are actually finished to the level of detail as the interior of the house: drywall, insulation, plugs every 12 feet, windows, pained floors. Makes for some really, really nice extra space for parties.

    Hell, in the summer if I park the cars outside and leave the overhead door closed it will frequently be 20 degrees cooler in the garage than outside. And I still haven’t finished drywalling or putting in the attic access yet.

  5. Treved says:

    I live in LA, and this isn’t really an option. The city requires all homes to have covered parking spaces. Sure, a lot of people just fill up their garage with junk and park on the street, but you have to at least pretend it’s parking (so no removing the garage door and sealing it like that other poster mentioned).

  6. oldhat says:

    1) Don’t grow weed in your garage unless you have consulted a specialist. If you do, don’t be a total dick about it.

    2) Don’t have millions of dollars buried underneath your garage that was stole during the most daring airplane robbery in history and then somebody tells a bunch of stupid convicts where it is right before they die. Might result in another season.

    3) I like turtles.

  7. asherchang says:

    We have 3 cars but we don’t use our 1-car garage cuz it’s so full of boxes and random crap. It doesn’t help that we live close to a highschool so parking on the street is not allowed during school hours.