Handy US Airways/America West Contact Info

Several phone numbers that may be useful if you’re having an issue with US Airways/America West.

Customer relations representative, option 2 – 866-523-5333
Customer Relations/ refund automation service 480-693-6735 (wait through voice prompts, have 13 digit ticket number ready) *
Future travel, reservation change, request ticket copy 800-428-4322
Central Baggage Services 866-874-3931
US Airways Consumer Affairs FAX: 480-693-2300

Corporate Headquarters
live operator: 1-480-693-0800
111 West Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85281


* Be forewarned, one customer described calling this number as, “the most inhuman frustrating automated voice mail system you are likely to see, unless you are making a call from inside a Russian Gulag prison. You never actually get to speak to anybody who can address you concerns and you have the pleasure of entering long strings of digits on your phone pad.”

(Photo: John Kit)


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  1. DuranDujam says:

    Take note that US Airways has one of the worst customer service departments in the country. We were on hold for ninety minutes, reached a human, and were told that “I’ll connect you to someone who can help you with your problem.” They then hung up on us completely. So we had to wait on hold for ninety minutes again. And then they promised us the problem was solved and it wouldn’t happen again. It wasn’t. Call back, on hold for over two hours. Nothing happens. Send an angry e-mail and the phone rings thirty minutes later with the problem solved.

  2. V-effekt says:

    I actually was able to talk to a CSR on the phone and a Manager called me back within 2 hours. The problem for me is that they will still offer you nothing. I had 4 flights canceled and all they offered was headphone coupons and a paper voucher redeemable at the airport. The CSRs were nice, but they are limited in what they can do for compensation. This apparently is a recent development.

  3. Customer says:

    I am sick and tired of companies and corporations treating us customers poorly. Where would they be without our money. And they treat us like crap. What ever happenned to customer service?
    Whatever happenned to quality products? I have a complaint about Lexus Corporate right now I would love to share.