Confirmation: GrandCentral + TMobile = Cheap Incoming Phone Calls

You can get cheap calls on your T-mobile plan by hooking it up with Grand Central, reader Noah’s T-mobile bill confirms.

Grand Central is a free service that creates a new phone number that you can link to other phone numbers. When someone calls your Grand Central number, it forwards to the other numbers you have attached.

T-Mobile has a “My Fave 5” plan that gives you unlimited nationwide calling to those numbers you put in your Fave 5 network.


1) Be a T-Mobile customer with a My Fave 5 plan
2) Sign up for Grand Central
3) Set Grand Central so that Grand Central forwards to your T-mobile cellphone
4) Add the Grand Central number to your “Fave 5”
5) Give everyone your Grand Central number.

Noah’s testimonial and bill, inside…

Noah writes:

Unfortunately, I have not been distributing my GC# to many people, but attached is my first bill from T-mobile.

In the MyFaves Minutes section, it gives the totals of my calls for the “My faves.” Where it breaks it down, my GC# (aka colfax home), minutes are displayed, and is included in the total Myfaves minutes.



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