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Image courtesy of OnoSideboard says: "I hate those "expectant mother" spots, too. I always park in 'em anyway, and if anyone gives me a look, yell "first tri-mester!"

  • Home Depot Has “Alternative Fuel Only” Parking, Chicagoans Don’t Care
    OnoSideboard says: “I hate those “expectant mother” spots, too. I always park in ’em anyway, and if anyone gives me a look, yell “first tri-mester!

  • Publix’s “Awesome Response!”
    JohnOB1 says: “Tricky Consumerist… With the quotes around “Awesome Service” I thought that was you guys being ironic. But the service really was awesome.

  • Advertising’s Next Big Idea: Sign Spinners!
    Bossco says: “I am was waiting for the kid to lose control and have the sign go flying into traffic, thus causing an accident,then the calling of lawyers, then the filing of lawsuits, thus ending the short lived “next big idea” of sign spinning.

  • Yes, Let’s Stuff The School Children Full Of Fake Fat
    HomerJay says: “I think the best term in that whole thing is “mouth feel.” Outside of the culinary world, that is a grossly underutilized term.

  • Bank Midwest Let Someone Pilfer Our Safe Deposit Box For $92,000
    Landru, channeling Seinfeld, asks: “Maybe it is just me, but what is the deal with hiding cash in a safety deposit box?

  • The Anatomy Of The “Dangerous Levels Of Mercury In CFLs” Myth
    Nffcnnr says: “I used to play with mercury when i was about 11 – 12 years old… Here it is 25 years later, and i haven’t noticed any long-term effectsatsdzdgqpgaxsdauiadAadslklfajxle

  • $50k For Injury Sustained Holding Open The Door Of A Pizza Hut?
    Palagius says: “Put her in a rat-infested hole with The 65 Million Dollar Judge. The first one to claw his or her way out wins a boot to the head.

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