Reach Time Warner Cable Executive Customer Service Redux

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UPDATE 8/28/07: Barry Rosenblum's direct line: 212-598-7389

UPDATE 8/28/07: Barry Rosenblum’s direct line: 212-598-7389

Any chance you have a recent contact number for Time Warner Cable Customer Service? I tried the 203-328-4017 number given in one of the posts and it’s not working anymore. I’ve escalated the problem to supervisors and executive supervisors but it seems that dispatch and the Planned Maintenance division are lying about when they’re coming to repair our line. They’ve rescheduled every day to the following day since Friday, 4/30.

I’m so freakin’ irritated about this. At least an hour on the phone every day trying to deal with the whole thing.

– Craig

Craig, we would call 203-328-0600 and ask for the office of Barry Rosenblum. Any other executive officer will probably work as well (see the Google Finance listing under “Management”). The person you want to end up speaking with is the customer care advocate. Last time we did this we spoke with “Terri.” Good luck!

(See how easy that is, folks? Look up a company in Google Finance, get their HQ number and a/some officer(s) names (though in TWC’s case, this list is actually more complete), call and ask to be transferred to that office) — BEN POPKEN

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