Reach Time Warner Cable Executive Customer Service Redux

UPDATE 8/28/07: Barry Rosenblum’s direct line: 212-598-7389

Any chance you have a recent contact number for Time Warner Cable Customer Service? I tried the 203-328-4017 number given in one of the posts and it’s not working anymore. I’ve escalated the problem to supervisors and executive supervisors but it seems that dispatch and the Planned Maintenance division are lying about when they’re coming to repair our line. They’ve rescheduled every day to the following day since Friday, 4/30.

I’m so freakin’ irritated about this. At least an hour on the phone every day trying to deal with the whole thing.

– Craig

Craig, we would call 203-328-0600 and ask for the office of Barry Rosenblum. Any other executive officer will probably work as well (see the Google Finance listing under “Management”). The person you want to end up speaking with is the customer care advocate. Last time we did this we spoke with “Terri.” Good luck!

(See how easy that is, folks? Look up a company in Google Finance, get their HQ number and a/some officer(s) names (though in TWC’s case, this list is actually more complete), call and ask to be transferred to that office) — BEN POPKEN

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  1. JonathanV says:

    TWC NYC been pulling the same stuff with me all week.

    Their supervisors and dispatch lie nonstop. Every level of customer care will state an ‘official’ policy that directly contradicts the last level.

    I ultimately ordered a DSL line from SpeakEasy when they suddenly claimed after 2hours of my phonecalls asking “where is my tech?” that their last no-show was my fault — because I wasn’t home and didn’t answer my phone. Well I was home, my landlord was drinking iced tea in his lawnchair in front of our building, and Spint definitively stated that no one even attempted to dial my phone number within 4 hours of their alleged call.

    TWC just isn’t worth dealing with, considering that they no longer have a monopoly on the market : broadband dsl + wireless ; tv dish+ wireless + internet – why bother putting up with them?

    I detailed the whole thing here:

  2. aparsons says:

    Why is there a ConEdison guy pictured for an article about TWC?

  3. Ben Popken says:

    @aparsons: Oops you’re that makes no sense. That’s what I get for posting so early in the morning!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I went onto Time Warners website today to set up cable and internet at my new home. Its stated it was an easy “3” step process, well I am all about easy as I am a very busy person so i followed the steps but come to find out that if i had of read the small print, the second step is a huge scam. I ended up getting to the 3rd step where an operator called my phone and i was able to order the service, little did i know i just ordered an extra cable box in step two. I called and emailed not 5 minutes after this mistake and wouldnt you know it, they said it was already shipped and my creditcard already charged. Why would Time Warner pair up with a scam company like Broadband, now its my responsibility to return the unit and pay the shipping. Its companies like this that destroy my faith and trust. They will see the result in the future because people like myself will tell everyone i come in contact about this ordeal and the horrible managers that talked down to me and eventually they will be asking the government to bail them out of a bankruptcy.

  5. memartin2 says:

    Good morning from Santa Ana, CA. Cable service (phone / TV / Internet) was out this morning (10/09/2009) from at least 4:14 am when I tried to access my office from home. After resetting the cable modem and connecting directly to it to verify that my stuff was OK, I called Time Warner from my cell to get status. Oops — no dial tone here either. Called from my cell and got a message up front that “we’re aware of the problem”, but that tells me NOTHING about ETA or about how I can plan my day around Time Warner’s outage.

    Waited 10 minutes, numerous apologies and the usual irritating bombardment of ads telling me how great TW is and what good deals I can get from them. While on hold, got dressed to come into the real office, which has a solid internet connection.

    Lost the call on the way to work at 4:50 (about 25 minutes of hold time now), redialed immediately. Got to work, made coffee, finally got someone at 5:30. He said that ETA for repairs is two hours.

    OK, fine. That’s the information that I wanted when I called. Question here is, WHY DID I HAVE TO WAIT OVER AN HOUR TO GET THAT INFORMATION??? Why not put it on the recording and update it periodically? Is that so damned difficult?

    The guy groused that they’re getting calls from all over the place about this outage, which is why it takes so long to answer. However, that’s an incorrect assessment. The reason TW’s customers have to hold so long is because the TW call center is understaffed. Don’t know if it’s a money issue or what it is, but the message to TW customers is loud and clear — “We don’t CARE how long you have to hold. Now that you have our service, you’re STUCK and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it except wait. So have a nice day, chump!”

    And they probably wonder why people are furious when they finally get through to someone.

    Anyway, this is the third (if memory serves) outage I’ve had this year. Each time it’s almost impossible to get anyone (1) timely and (2) who actually knows anything about the issue. When these outages occur, they take out my phone, TV, and Internet.

    I’ve had enough. AT&T is big and arrogant, but at least their stuff works. When I had DSL, it just worked. No muss, no fuss. Was it slower? Heck, yeah, but it worked. I didn’t have to worry about it and I didn’t have to perform unnatural acts to keep it going.

    Ditto for phone service.

    At this point, I’m going to look at dumping the TW clowns and going back to tried-and-true technology. For TV, I’ll get a dish. If it flakes out for some reason, I’ll still have phone and Internet.

    Just my 2 cents worth of rant this morning.

  6. TWSUCKS says:

    Time Warner Cable is the single worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. My Internet goes down for weeks at a time, On Demand doesn’t work for days/weeks at a time, and they raise my bill a dollar or two about every month or two. I’ve actually considered moving to another town just so I can get another Cable company service since TWC has the monopoly in my town.

    Another thing to be weary about is what they call “free.” Nothing is free in this world, TWC. I am paying for the HD box, paying for digital cable, and you call your HD free?? So when my HD channels were out for a month, no credit could be issued because HD was…. “free.” My most recent issue with the award losing company is now my On Demand services are no longer functioning. I cannot watch HBO/Showtime On Demand, but no credit can be issued because its a “free” service. How can this be a free service when you can’t watch it if you don’t subscribe to HBO/Showtime?

    I’ve been here a little over three years and have had nothing but problems with TW and their horrible customer service, poor quality HD, and on and off internet. For your own sake.. avoid them at all costs