Hapless Crunch Gym Aerobics Class Trapped In Spiderman 3 Marketing Web

…I had a sickening experience at Crunch Gym yesterday.

My spin class was taken over by a Spiderman 3 marketing extravaganza! Two plasma screens showed excerpts from the film and talking head interview clips. My instructor had to play droning grunge music from Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 2 soundtracks while we tried to get our cardio workout.

I am new to spinning, and I have to say I am dripping with sweat when I am done – it is a very strenuous workout. It seems very sinister of Crunch and Spiderman to subject a group of hot sweaty people to such a high concentration of marketing. I think cults are the only other forum that operates in this way.

The woman next to me walked out, but I stayed since Tuesday is the only day I can make it to the class. I am relieving my guilt of being such a wimp and staying by passing the word along to you.

Our reader says this was at the 38th street location in NYC.

Hey, Spidey is very athletic. Shooting from building to building. Maybe he inspires some people! Or maybe people should get to exercise for free if they agree to be bombarded by advertising! — BEN POPKEN

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