DirectTV CEO's Contact Info

To send a valentine to DirecTV’s CEO, Chase Carey, email

The corporate switchboard is 310-964-5000. You might be able to get to his secretary by calling that number and saying, “Carey’s office, please,” in a professional and composed tone.

Once there, compliment him on his exquisite mustachio. — BEN POPKEN

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  1. MentalDisconnect says:

    Some reason he reminds me of the Pringles man…..

  2. Imhotep says:

    Thanks Ben!
    Now I can ask him how he liked his $4 million dollar bonus last year (on top of his $2,149,590 salary).

    I’m sure a lot of it goes toward the up-keep of that ‘stache.

  3. tweaked says:

    Please, if anyone gets through, post a transcript. Or even better, a recording! Wait. Is that legal?

  4. Slytherin says:

    What do I say when his secretary asks, “Who is calling?”, when I say “Carey’s office, please” in my most professional tone?

    Just wondering…

  5. Michael Bauser says:

    Tell them you’re Carey’s mustache groomer calling to schedule an appointment.

  6. omnicore says:

    I’d love to see the contact information for Dish Network on here too. There call center sucks!

  7. iMike says:

    Gayest looking. CEO. Ever.

  8. Stepehn Colbert says:

    Its a well known fact that anyone with a mustache that fancy has to be fun to talk to.

  9. MentalDisconnect says:

    I wonder if he twirls the tips of it for emphasis at critical points.

    (imagines him carefully combing, shaping, and gelling his moustache before a date) Ahhh my mind is so random!

  10. MeOhMy says:
  11. MattPol says:

    I wonder how much Chase charges for mustache rides? It’s DirecTV, after all, so I assume they are not free.

  12. Brad2723 says:

    I think they’re on to you… They lock consumers into contracts without notifying them and then laugh at them. Executive customer service provides no different level of service than their regular dept. It’s just easier to get a human.

  13. MoCo says:

    Thanks – The “Carey’s office” thing worked! DTV tried to pull an “AOL” (not cancelling even though I insisted, and continuing to bill my credit card). The ordinary reps were useless. I reached Carey’s office and his assistant agreed to issue a refund to me for credit card overcharges. Just to be sure, I contested the charges with my credit card issuer, though.

  14. mjb523 says:

    As of this writing they ask you if you are a customer when you ask for his office and transfer you to someone in his office for handling. I spoke with a gentleman named John who heard me out and will look into things. Great info here – I suggest that other people caught in the system use it.

  15. ohnoshediint says:

    I just shot him an email. the receiver i LEASE from them broke, they sent me a new one, and then extended my contract for another year, w/ out notification. On wait, actually they did notify me via my bill. Which would make sense but I had paperless billing. SO heads up direct tv users, make your home page the direct tv service contract agreements and refresh often. apparantely if you will end up w/ an UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE of $337.42 at christmastime that throws your account into over draft. CLASS ACTION ANYONE?????

  16. GotResults says:

    After constant problems dealing with DirectTV customer service reps for 4 months in order to receive a refund for the $345 they owed me for canceling early (within 24 hours of installation) – I found this site, and emailed Chase Carey to see if escalating my issue would have better results. Within hours someone from the “office of the president” called, told me they were working on my refund and that they would credit it back to my CC within 2-5 days. 2 business days later I received my refund. I really recommend emailing/calling them – the woman I spoke with was friendly, asked me no further questions, (probably because my 100 other calls were documented in the system) and just gave me my money.

  17. boatdoc1963 says:

    I have had Direct Tv service for over five years. I had my service moved and upgraded to my new home on Dec,7th.2007. The installation was very messy, they left wires hanging everywhere inside and outside the house, never connected the ground cable outside for electrical safety, and we lost signal every few minutes. I called and complained and Direct TV sent another tech out almost two weeks later. He stated the first tech was fired and he “fixed the service”. Within 15 minutes we began to lose signal again.
    I called and e-mail Direct TV about this, offering pictures to prove the service was installed sloppy and didn’t work.
    I e-mailed them several times, it’s easier because their call centers have people that can’t speak clear English and are very hard to deal with and understand. Finally I told them to cancel my service because they couldn’t meet there commitment to me and provide a working service. I also asked for a return autho# to send their receiver back to them.
    Around a week later Jan 11th.2008 I received a disconnect e-mail and bill for 93.00 .I e-mailed them saying I had no service for that month so how do I owe them.
    On Jan 18th.2008 a box with return instructions was delivered to my house for the receiver.
    On Jan 22nd. 2008 I saw Direct TV was pulling $562.83 from my checking account.I took of work and went to my bank to stop this from happening, I signed a stop pay but my bank had to investigate it first. I was told to contact Direct TV and ask them to stop the transaction.
    I called Direct TV several times, I was told the charges were for an early termination of service.I told them again I never had a working service to begin with.I got nowhere with the call center, the language problem was just to much, I asked for some one that could speak better English and I was repeated the same thing again. Direct TV used a check card I had used before to pay my bill on-line and charged my account without my authorization $562.38.
    When I got home that evening I received a bill from them stating what the charges were and it was due immediately.
    No one that speaks good English will talk to me from Direct TV, THEY broke the law pulling money from my account without authorization, caused my account to bounce checks, left me unable to buy groceries this week for my family, I’ve lost two hours work as of today trying to clear this up.Tommorrow I have to go to my bank again and to an attorney .
    What a nightmare, please pass this on to everyone to warn them about direct tv’s practices
    Richard C. Morrison

  18. boatdoc1963 says:

    Class action? that makes attorneys rich.I’m going after them with my banks help.
    These people are crooks,tapping into my bank account without permmission gave me all the power I need.Go to fcc complaints also.

  19. bobbysalsa says:

    Today I lost a Rock, Paper, Scissors face off at the office where I work and had to be the one to call Direct TV customer service.

    We’ve had Direct TV at work since June. This week, the receiver just up and died.

    As much as I don’t care about saving our company money, I was morbidly offended that a Direct TV receiver boasts a stout 90 warranty. If your receiver bites it anytime after 90 days your options are 1)buy a new receiver and re-up your contract. 2)buy a new receiver without re-upping your contract and pay more or 3)get into an endless cycle of idiots on the other end of the phone.

    During the course of a nice little 45 minute chat (I swear if the people I spoke to were just one IQ point dumber the Jedi Mind Trick would have worked) I stumbled over here and tried giving ol’ Chase a call.

    When I said the words Direct TV to the operator, I got transferred back to phone hell.

    I tried again this time saying I was calling to do a story about the state of customer service and lo and behold I got the number of the head of the media relations department. I left a message and am waiting for a call back.

    If I get any answers I’ll be sure to post them.

  20. slowkat says:

    I have a new one–if their automated system is not working they will charge you 5.00 for the “privilege” of paying your on-time bill!!

  21. Rabsdad says:

    If anyone has a corporate link for MDU Communications in NJ, plz forward it to me, We have Directv but its through this MDU Communications an we reside in FL.
    Our nightmare with MDU has been horrible, after a week of no service we now have someone out fixing or replacing the dish, but only after having endless hours each day on the phone with MDU Communications, this all happened over the holiday weekend. MDU services are crappy and since they can’t fix the problem they are using less than a reputable contractor company to do the work so hasn’t shown up and when he was called out on not coming he used the line ” It was raining on the job site, so I left “. I would love to be able to blast an EECB to MDU Communications.

  22. yeti042 says:

    I got DirecTV in December after experiencing my “last straw” moment with Comcast. I love my service and get my money’s worth and its way cheaper than what I was paying with Comcast. I ordered the plus DVR package (as i didn’t ahve the money at the time to afford the HD).

    Fastforward to now … I decided to upgrade to HD and add another HD receiver. I called and told them I wanted to upgrade my service and they told me, “GREAT … it’ll be about $500.” ?!?!?! Since I am already under contract, I get no discount on the receivers and have to pay installation fees (even though I have an outstanding customer). Called a few time and got the same answer followed by the “There’s nothing I can do” zinger.

    So, after searching eBay and craigslist for used receivers, I came across this site and decided to give Mr. Carey’s e-mail address a try — why not, right?

    Kristen, from the office of the president, called me 2 hours later. I got $100 knocked off the one receiver and they waived the installation costs. I was fine with this outcome as i anticipated the upgrade to cost me … just not the equivalent of a good down payment on a car. I asked Kristen about the office and it use after we closed the deal and she told me that the Office of the President is authorized to do deals and discounts that regular customer service cannot.

    SOOO …. to sum up, I am now a member of the Consumerist due to the treasure trove of info here and wanted to report that this REALLY DOES WORK … and works FAST!! If you are getting the run-around with DirecTV, give it a shot.

  23. RodneyAhala says:

    After 3 weeks of dealing with incompetent DirecTV agents over an early cancellation fee that should have never been assessed, I e-mailed Mr. Carey and my problems were solved the next day. Thanks for the info guys.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a similiar problem as some of you. I was told my plan would cost $34.99 for 150 channels. I am being charged $52.99 and no matter who I talk to at DirectTV, they tell me they can not help me. They say I had to fill out a rebate form that I never heard of!! Even if I did, the rebate was only $10 which does not make up the difference. I just wrote a letter to Chase Carey, we’ll see if that works though I doubt it. I am about to write on every blog, comment opportunity, newspaper and call Denver TV stations. This is absolutely ridiculous to feel so helpless against a TV service company. They won’t talk with me about any options, just “sorry, we can’t help you”. It’s like it was planned all along!

  25. jacob020608 says:

    I am a tech for Directv and I am having a problem with one of my managers giving the work in my area to out of state techs. I came to this site looking for contact info for the President or someone in corporate Directv. I found this info so I sent an email to Mr. Carey to file a formal complaint against the manager. We will see where it goes from here.

  26. mkw007 says:

    I just signed up and was totally lied to. NOTHING that I was sold is happening. I received my first bill yesterday and am being billed for the total amount – not the 12-month special I signed up for. The “special” does not go into effect for 6-8 weeks after the “rebate” that you have to sign up for is received. Noone told me of a rebate, just that I would get 12 months for $29.99. On top of this, I was told that I would receive credits for 2 of my receivers for 5 months. When I questioned these credits I was told they can’t do that and have never heard of such a credit. The person who sold me this package also told me that I could cancel if I did so during the first 30 days – not true!!!! We have had Direct TV at our cottage for the past 8 years and pay $57.99/month for this. The reason I signed up for Direct TV at our home, is because I was told that I could cancel our cottage service and have the cottage service “mirrored” from our home for just $10/month. Guess what….can’t do that either. In fact the tech from Direct TV told me there is no way possible to do this. I was also told that I could “split” two TV’s so that I did not need to have to pay for receivers for two rooms at home. When the tech came in to install the dish and receivers I was told that it cost $45/room to have this done. While this is a charge from the company installing the service, the installer told me that Direct TV knows there are charges for this. He said that this happens all the time – customers are not told that there will be a fee for certain requests and while Direct TV cannot quote the fee because they vary, they have a general idea and should tell customers that additional installation fees may apply.

    With the exception of the tech from Direct TV, all other customer service people tell me “we can’t help you”.

    And to think, this has only been my first 6 days of Direct TV!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the email for the ceo of direct tv. I had the same problems as the rest. They had ripped $426 out of my account. I got a call this morning from a rep in the presidents office that my refund would take no longer than 10 days. By the way here’s another phone number to reach them 800-455-2180. happy hunting!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Heres the deal. We bought a new HDTV today. Called Directv to upgrade to HD programming. We have been customers for about 2 years and had lots of billing issues during that time. We were told it would cost us $199 for the HD receiver, plus other fees for the replacement of the dish, etc. Their website is offering free HD upgrade with the receiver and everything. Guess what? That offer only applies to new customers, not the existing customers who are their bread and butter. Spoke with no less than 7 people, all with the same result. I will be sending Mr. Chase an e-mail, just to let him know what a bunch of creeps and idiots work for Directv.

  29. munkyxtc says:

    Thanks consumerist. Dtv denied my $50 referral for me and the person who referred me even though I signed up directly through them. A quick email got our accounts credited within 24 hrs.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Since i’ve I read your email, the comments are outstanding,I have sent an email to customer service, on my issues. Look’s like Chase and the rest of the Management could do with a little less $ so we could enjoy our service with less expense P.S. I would be ashamed to charge what they do! BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, STAN

  31. Annemarie Ruitenbach says:

    Just to let you know how terrible your service is I ordered Direct TV on 12-16-2008 the Choice plus package with 1 yr free no increase and free HDDVR and 3 months HBO, Show and Max well they installed it on 12-18-08 I never received my Free HDDVR and I have an HD TV. Also they completely goofed up my order by charging me over 100 dollars for the first month which was suppose to be 39.99 plus tax and box. Also the technician cut my carpet 12 inches from the wall into my room and charged me $70 to do that which I have received back from the technician for cutting my carpet. I finally after a month have straightened out the billing to were it is suppose to be. But the HDDVR I never received and was promised by a guy named Brian who fixed my billing, when I called today I had a very rude supervisor on line by the name of Brandon who said I will not get an HDDVR unless I pay for it. This is false advertisement since the advertisement said Free upgrade to HDDVR
    If that is how you handle new customers I think I will put the word out all over the web and my friends not to get Direct TV. I have also noticed a lot of people are complaining on the web what kind of service you are giving.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The government once again has us over a barrel with the new HD transmissions. Not everyone can afford even the $10.00 (after coupon) for a receiver box. We are forced tp get either cable or satellite service. The government should step in and regulate these prices as well. Direct TV would be wise to lower their prices A LOT to get more customers thus increasing their profit. Adding all of the extra charges that I have been reading about (above) is poor business practice and will only lose them customers. What are they thinking?

  33. Anonymous says:

    The number works beautifully. The phone was answered by a Robert.

    He agreed that the way I was treated by Customer Service did not seem to be proper. He fixed my issues while on the phone and thanked me for the call. They said they would look into the procedures and systems because he agreed it made no sense.

    Don’t know if they will do anything but solved my problem completly in less than 10 minutes.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I tried emailing Mr. Carey at the email address listed. It was intercepted by their “customer care” group. One of their reps “Rachel” advised me that all executive emails are directed to the “customer care” group and have “empowered” them to make all the decisions. I’ve been arguing with them for three months regarding a bogus $240 cancellation fee they have charged me (including directingly billing my credit card, which I got removed.).

  35. Anonymous says:

    Well, even though I’ve had DirecTV for less than a full billing period. I’m stuck paying 440 dollars for a service I barely used. I am totally turned off by this company.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Spoke to John in Mr. Carey’s Office. Got immediate help. But, this was after multiple phone calls to the 800 number. He explained the circumstance of my request. Three phone people at the 800 number were of no help. Refused to get me to a supervisor or have one call me back.

    • Anonymous says:

      @SargentNumsane: I had a similar experience. I bought/leased/whatever an HD DVR from Driect TV in Dec08. Two installers spent eight hours at my home but could never get it to work. I even paid one of them $60 privately to replace some wiring that was just fine! The installers did not have flattering things to say about the equipment. In mid-January I arranged to return the receiver to Direct TV, assuming the “return” also meant “refund”. Ha!

      Yesterday (June09) I called to find out where my refund was. The usual 800 “resolution specialists” kept insisting that once I had activated the equipment (i.e. asked Direct TV to send a signal to it) the lease/sale was final and I could not get a refund. NOR would they return the equpment to me. However, they did offer me a $75 “frustration credit”.

      I called Carey’s office, spoke with a very nice assistant named Luke, explained my problem, and he kindly refunded my $350.54.

  37. AdamBee says:

    I signed up for directv 2 weeks ago. The installer drilled through a wire or something during his sloppy install and cut out the power to half of my house. I’ve called about 10 times and emailed and have gotten nowhere. Each phone call leads to “someone will call you back…”. I sent an email to Carey today and will see if that helps at all. This is ridiculous. 2 weeks with no lights in my house sure as heck isn’t worth 200 channels of television.

  38. DishNet says:

    In order to connect their new customers, they[B] illegally [/B]disconnect Dish Network or other Satellite providers. How low can you get. To resort to stealing a dish that belongs to someone else, disconnecting their service, then using their mount and cable to install the Direct TV new customer. I know times are hard, but really a major company has to steal, cheat and lie to make money.

  39. Indiguns says:

    Chris Carey left DirecTV in June; Interim CEO is Larry Hunter ( Michael White is taking over in January; Until then folks, let Larry see what he thankfully does not have to manage…

  40. Indiguns says:

    Chase Carey is out since June; Michael White is taking over in Jan 2010. Until then Larry Hunter is the interim CEO. Folks with problems, let him see what he almost got into. email is

  41. BIG AL says:

    Does anyone know e mail or cell no# for the new ceo Michael White or his telephone at corprate head quarters. I wrote to him and they sent my letter to some woman who had no heart. they want me to pay penelty for early out. I only had the service for 13 days. They said my contract started the day I ordered it. They didnt install it for 7 days later so I actually only had 7 days to cancell. What a rip off. And they dont care what your reasons for cancelling even if there liget.I wish management would read these. Thanks ALL

  42. thanks for the help says:

    Just a note as I have found some information here regarding DTV to be out of date-

    Go here to find the shareholder, and officer information-

    At the very end of the page in a blue color you will find a mouse over link that says “Executive Customer Care Contact” clicking that link will open a form to “Office of the President”.

    Fill that out, state your issues and wait for a call back.

    I recently had an issue, I did that, filed the form at 4:40PM EST and received a call back the following day before 12:00EST. The person that helped me was awesome, I wish everyone there was like her. She called already knowing the issues, and how to resolve them. It was amazing, she told me what she believed the issues were (and she was right), then she proceeded to tell me how they would resolve them (perfect). She was amazing! So if you need help, go there.

    I posted here and signed up because I originally found the old data at this site and wanted to update it for future people.

    Thanks for great ideas and suggestions, you guys really helped me so I hope my info helps someone else.

  43. Consumerman says:

    I know there are a lot of complaints about Dish TV and Direct TV. Most fo them seem to be pretty superficial. My experience with each of these companies led me to go with Direct TV.

    I had signed up for internet and wanted to bundle Dish TV with it. The salesperson told me about the promotions etc and asked if I would like to sign up. I said yes at which point a credit check was done. She came back on the line and told me I would have to pay $132 security deposit. I didn’t understand why as my credit is pristine.

    Now we talked about the channels I wanted. Turns out to not be what I had ask for. She made changes and we continued. By the end f the process I was going to have to pay over $300 just to get the order placed. I became very upset at this point. I canceled the order and went to the Direct TV webpage.

    To make a long story short within 15 minutes I had my new service with more channels and no upfront cost. My credit passed with no security deposit. My monthly cost is $10 per month cheaper. Also, I was able to schedule the install date. On the date we agreed on the Tech showed up and did the install. I have all the channels I ask for and the service has been great.

    Maybe my experience is unique but I don’t think so

  44. Keeping 'em honest says:

    I can confirm that the website posted by ‘thanks for the help’, on 03/23/10, is absolutely correct and useful in getting my issue resolved by Direct TV.

    Direct TV was billing me in error for a discount that was authorized by a customer service rep in February. I received a bill this week that added in the 3 months of accumulated discounts I had taken (authorized in February) plus Late Fees, and the bill said this was a Past Due amount. Customer service reps and a supervisor on the 800 customer service line all acknowledged that the discount was authorized, but all said the discount couldn’t be applied until the Past Due amount was paid!!

    I went to the website provided on the 03/23/10 posted message, input the information about the problem, and a representative at Direct TV called within 24 hours and resolved the billing problem. Following is the 03/23/10 post from ‘thanks for the help’:

    Go here to find the shareholder, and officer information-

    At the very end of the page in a blue color you will find a mouse over link that says “Executive Customer Care Contact” clicking that link will open a form to “Office of the President”.

    Fill that out, state your issues and wait for a call back.

  45. I'm a Consumer to says:

    I called the 310-964-5000 corporate switchboard for DIRECTV and asked whom do I make a compliant with the lovely operator provided me with this phone number 1-800-254-3809 and pin 1848. There I spoke with Mr. Borrough who was very kind and assisted me with some charges I was disputing, he explained them I disagreed we went back and fourth a couple of times until he finally said okay I’ll go ahead and remove the charges. I’m not sure how your case will play out, but calling is worth the try. Also the email address above Chase Carey ( is no longer valid.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  46. Tanyabars says:

    A while back I was lucky (?) enough to win through a raffle a years worth of free Direct TV!! Awesome, right? Well let me tell you about our experience thus far with Direct TV.
    2 weeks ago I called to set up my installation, after 1 1/2 hours on the phone, being transferred from person to person, because none of their customer support service professionals knew how to handle a gift voucher such as the one we had received, I was finally able to get to the correct VOICE MAIL BOX!! I left a message and was then told that because of the “special nature” of my account it would be somewhere between 2-6 weeks before we could get our DirecTV set up. Amazingly enough I received a call the very following day to set up the installation for this past Monday June 28th….end of story?
    OH NO!! Our appt time was between 8-12 (which all know is a joke but ok whatever, Riss was there waiting). The installation tech showed up at 1:30, spent a few minutes there and decided that he could not find a suitable place on my balcony to put the dish, so a supervisor was going to come out to give a 2nd opinion. The Tech told Riss that a supervisor would be coming at sometime, as he was not quite in the area but would be there in a few hours and after waiting “a few hours”, 3 to be exact, I called DirecTV and asked when we could expect this “supervisor” to come by. I was then told that the supervisor had 72 HOURS to show up and the we DONT need to be there, the supervisor would leave a note for the tech and we would proceed from there by making yet ANOTHER appt and he would come out and complete the installation.
    THAT WAS MONDAY….today is FRIDAY, we have not heard from DirecTV!! I called DirecTV this morning on my 1/2 hour ride into work, and as I pulled into the parking lot was connected to a supervisor, explained the situation to them at length and was assured that I would be getting a call back from someone to “handle” this in the next 20 minutes…that was at 8:30 am, it is now 10:47 and I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CALL!! Am i surprised? NO! So, the saga contours……on my way home from work yesterday I AGAIN called DirecTV @ 2:45 spoke to 3 different people, telling the same long story, before being transfered to a supervisor (a.k.a, the guy in the next cubicle), who told me I would hear from someone in the next hour, by the time I was off the phone it was 3:19, so at 5:20, I CALLED THEM……AGAIN! Spoke with another SUPERVISOR, and after telling him my story and having my frustration understood & my patience appreciated, I was told I would be hearing from a REGIONAL SUPERVISOR…..within the next 24 hrs! That will be at 5:58 today.
    Mr. Chase, as you can see I have had a rather poor expierence thus far and I am sure that your title with DirectTV alliviates you from such petty issues, but I just thought that you should know what is going on with “your” company. If this package was not something that I had won, and was completely free, I WOULD BE COMPLETELY DONE WITH THIS COMPANY!!
    Tanya Barsony

  47. Khill97 says:

    This may sound a little old fashion but I think it would be better to send him a certified letter. With certified letters there is a signed receipt showing letter was received. Attorneys use this method all the time. Plus you have a paper trail, Casey will know you mean business. I’m not saying it will happen but if you end up in small claims court, the Magistrate will look for a paper trail, letter you sent to the company. Phone calls are practically useless because there is no paper trail. e-mails are okay. The best method is sending a certified letter to Casey. This will get his attention and he will hand it off to someone who will resolve it more to your liking.

  48. candy151 says:

    My problem with Direct TV is not money problems. It’s problems getting this stupid system to work on a continual basis. I had it installed in Dec. ’08 (thru our Homeowners Association). On January 4, ’10, it started having problems-it would freeze, pixitlate, then go completely out and start searching for sattelite signal. This has happend over 28 times. Today the system went out at 6:43pm est-it is now 9:07pm & I’m still waiting for my TV to come back up. I called them and the only thing they said was (same as everytime), unplug it from the back for 3 minutes, plug it back, press the red button, nothing. I have more ticket #’s than I can count. On June 7th, I spoke to Margarita, Call Center Supervisor and she said she would request a credit, gave me a ticket number and as of today I’m still waiting for that credit. To get back to today, I spoke to a tech, after unplugging, pressing the red button & nothing happened she said she would get a tech out on MONDAY. Today is Friday, so I’ll be without TV service for 3 days & she said there’s nothing else she could do. She was no help at all. Before Direct TV, our homeowners Association had Comcast. I’m sure a lot of people have had problems with Comcast, but our community never had any problems, even during the Hurricanes in ’04-‘5 (I live in Fla) the TV didn’t go out until around midnight, when all the electricity went out. The reason our Homeowners Association switched to Direct TV was because it was cheaper, but I guess you get what you pay for. I’m so frustrated I don’t know what else to do. They’ve already changed some wiring, changed that little white box in the back, changed the receiver- Nothing – nada- zilch- problems still comes back. Oh, one time when I called they said that a tech was at our development trying to fix the sattelite, I rode around my development (it’s very small) & couldn’t find anyone, no truck, no tech, nobody even remotely connected to Direct TV.