Advertising Roundup

Errol Morris’ Miller High Life Commercials Are Awesome
“”Bounty” extols the virtues of having a meal of a uniform color. As an aside, the customer puts salt in his beer. When we saw that, we knew they had done their research.That’s what our grandpa does to put head on his beer. He used to sell cattle.”

Top 5 Super Bowl Ads (With Video)
“1. Garmin GPS – “The Japanese Monster movie one.”
2. FedEx – “The one where the meteor totally blasts the astronaut.””

LG Says Life’s Good in the Ghetto
“This is an LG billboard in Caracas, Venezuela, shot from one of the city’s worst slums.”

Lancer’s Shirts’ Machofascismo
“Probably one of the most psychotic ads ever. “Whenever anyone says the word couture, I reach for my gun.””

Panexa: The Right Choice, The Safe Choice
“Stay Free has created the false drug Panexa as an attempt to expose the absurdities of pharmaceutical advertising. Does it work? It didn’t stop us from buying prescription drugs from Canada this morning, but their take on the strange photography used in drug ads is spot on.”

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