Sprint Employee Referral Deal Open To Everyone

My Money Blog details his experience with jumping in on the SERO (Sprint Employee Referral Offer) plan, which can you a good deal on a new cellphone and plan. Overall, it sounds positive and he got hooked up with free data transfer.

More importantly, now you need not even be friends with a Sprint worker, or possess the magical ability to figure out a Sprint employees email address, to take advantage. Just go to sprint.com/SERO and use “savings@sprint.com” or “savings@sprintemi.com” in the address field.

Check out 6 Documents Sprint Reps Have That You Don’t That Could Help You Buy Your Next Cellphone for even more of a leg up. — BEN POPKEN

Sprint SERO Plan Review: Affordable Cell Phone Plan, Free Data, Currently Open To All [My Money Blog]


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  1. chipslave says:

    Here is even more info about the Sprint SERO plan. Apparently it is not available in my zipcode…


  2. palewhiteguyhunk says:

    The sero plan is a great deal and corporate discounts are stackable, I signed up in March and used the savings@sprint.com email address. 500 minutes and “unlimited” data for $23.70 per month. Verizon wireless’s peeps laughed at that deal when I switched. The CS was ok, but I haven’t had any problems yet. Kick ass tip.

  3. missdona says:

    I did it about 2 months ago. The data is ridiculously fast compared to my work-Cingular account.

  4. missdona says:

    And I wrote to inquire about adding free text messaging and they added 500 free texts a month. That, of course is a YMMV offer.

  5. bluwapadoo says:

    I think I am going to switch when my contract is up in August. I don’t use many minutes and I’m glad there is a cheaper option. Paying 30 bucks a month instead of the minimum 40 would be nice.

    How is Sprint’s service? That’s the only thing I’m concerned about.

  6. missdona says:

    Service is great for me, but customer service is abysmal. There are times when customer service is “closed” and a lot of their customer service is outsourced. I’m not sure why they can’t have 24/7 service if they’re using call centers all over the world.

    I came from TMo, where customer service was really good, but the service… eh.

    Ask some of your friends who have Sprint if they have any coverage issues, that should give you an idea about your area.

    And… there’s no international coverage, so if you’re relying on your cell to travel, forget it.

    Or you could do what I did, unlocked my Tmo phone and have it ready to go overseas with prepaid cards.

  7. y2julio says:

    I got the SERO plan and I was able to stack my employee discount on top too.

  8. bluwapadoo says:

    This is even better now that I know I can get my employee discount, too! Thanks everyone for the help!

  9. tommac2005 says:

    Does no one feel _at all_ dishonest for using an employee referral scheme when they aren’t an employee.

    If the boot was on the other foot, you would be screaming blue murder about how companies are trying to screw you all the time.

    Mind you, they should have fixed the hole. But just because there is a chance, doesn’t mean you have to exploit it.

  10. thekicker says:


    This isn’t an employee plan, it’s for friends and family of employees. If you feel guilty, you can go to your local Sprint store, get a business card off of one of the reps, then sign up using their email address. Having someone’s business card is good enough as being a friend.

    SERO really is for anyone though. You can sign up with openaccess@sprint.com if you still feel guilty, despite having a Sprint employee’s email address.

    I’ve been a SERO user for 5 months – I highly recommend it.

  11. Transuranic says:

    Predictable future headline for horror stories on this service: From SERO to zero. You’re welcome, Consumerist!

  12. whans2007 says:

    Unfortunately it’s not available in Springfield, IL (I tried all 7 zip codes for Spfld). Meh.

  13. jmuskratt says:

    If you don’t like the service, you have to return the phone to Wirefly with less than 30 minutes on it, lest you get whacked with a fee. I don’t see how 30 minutes is quite enough time to make sure I want to be with Sprint for 2 YEARS.

  14. Brie says:

    I thought it’d been established that you couldn’t get on the SERO plan if you were already a Sprint customer. Has that changed?

  15. lexy says:

    wasn’t one of the key rules in all of the “confessions of a ____ rep” the fact that it’s not worth getting a 2 year contract?

    i thought the upgrades were ultimately what made the new contracts worthwhile. these new referral/friend&family deals seem to come with 2 year contracts, no?

  16. major disaster says:

    @MissedTheExit: It seems to be, at least if you try to sign up online. I tried to, and at first it went through, but then they cancelled the order the next day and said I’d have to get a new number.

  17. BostonDirtdog says:

    Sprint’s customer service isn’t anything great, but it’s no worse than any other company that has outsourced their call centers. Either way, it’s a great hunting grounds for those who want to chisel their monthly totals down. So far, I have 2 monthly discounts (1 company discount and 1 “loyalty” discount) which brings my $30/month/500minutes plan down to about $23. Then I get another $10 off each month for dropped calls… I pay $13 bucks a month for 500 minutes, free Internet, 7pm nights, plus random credits when I complain about service to their online customer care.

    Can you really go wrong with $13/month cell phone service? And I also got them to upgrade me to the Motorola Q for $99 after I upgraded my KRZR only 6 months ago. I’ve been with Sprint since 2003 and don’t see myself leaving with these prices.

    And to the above poster, I got the SERO plan after I was with Sprint for over 3 years. Quite honestly, anything is possible with Sprint if you ask the right rep.

  18. major disaster says:

    @BostonDirtdog: So you did it over the phone? I was thinking I’d try to do that, but I just haven’t had time. (And dammit, I’ve been a customer with them for five years now. I deserve a reward for being loyal!)

  19. BostonDirtdog says:

    Actually, I found that emailing ecare might be the easiest way. I usually just tell them how I’m a loyal customer for x years and that I receive plenty of offers from other companies with cheaper prices/whatever. Then I say how I enjoy Sprint and would rather not switch companies, but might have to if it means I’ll pay less each month. I’ve been successful on these emails about 90% of the times. You’d be surprised how much you can get if you just ask.

    And if they say no, wait an hour and send another email. If 1 rep says no, another rep might say yes. People say to be persistent, but I haven’t had to yet as I’ve been able to get so much time and time again.

    And about that $99 Moto Q I got, I actually got another rep to agree to give me a $200 credit… Somehow I made $100 off “buying” a new phone directly from Sprint. Their customer service department is all disjointed and in shambles, so really, the sky’s the limit. If calling doesn’t work, try emailing, and vice versa.

  20. imaok says:

    Can this be used on a shared family plan?

  21. major disaster says:

    I’ll definitely have to keep trying, then. I really would like to get on this plan.

  22. a_m_m_b says:

    @ BostonDirtdog: Any special email address you use?

    I ask as in the 6+ years I’ve been with Sprint I’ve yet to get 1 reply to any email I’ve sent regardless of topic. Usually get what I want when I call tho’.

    I’d love to email them to compare offers as my husbands T-Hell contract expires in a few mos & my son will be needing a basic phone for next school year. . . .

  23. Brie says:

    Thanks BostonDirtdog and major disaster. a_m_m_b, I’ve had the opposite experience. When I call, I get reps who don’t seem to understand what a phone number is. When I e-mail, I either get no response (meaning, no auto “we got your e-mail” response followed by more nothing) OR, or or or, I get an immediate autoresponse followed by fawning service.

    So I’m not really worried that I will/won’t get SERO; I’m more afraid of the rep who goes “Oh sure!” and allegedly sets it all up – but doesn’t.

  24. Brie says:

    Then again… I went to the SERO site, put in my zip code, and it quoted 500 minutes for $30 a month, with no mention anywhere of unlimited data. Sounds like the SERO offer differs depending on where you live… but what’s the logic behind that?

  25. BostonDirtdog says:

    When I emailed in the past, I’ve just used the form on the website, where I log into to check on my account and pay bills, etc. However, I’ve found out that you can also use ecare1@cc.sprintpcs.com, ecare2, and ecare3. I always get a response within 24 hours, sometimes within a few hours. Just make sure your email isn’t blocking spam or something. The auto-acknowledge email is usually instant too.

    I’ve found that when I call, I speak politely but firmly, and being talkative helps. The rep will get tired of listening to you and just cave; I’ve done it before. If you email, just use words and terms like thank you, much appreciated; just lather them up.

    When I got the SERO options added to my account, I just said the usual and that my friend who works for Sprint advised me to call. They never even asked for the email address. They might though, and in that case, just use the savings@sprint.com or whatever. That email should just be a way to do it online, but if you use it in an email, or spell it out to a rep on a call, they might just think it’s a last name without thinking it spells out the word.

    Hope this helps someone. And if you’re feeling lucky, feel free to ask for free text messages or whatever. Yes, it really works that way since it’s all about the luck of the draw with these reps.

  26. major disaster says:

    @MissedTheExit: I can’t say for sure in your case, but for me the unlimited data part isn’t listed on the main page, but if you click on “plan details”, it’s there.

  27. major disaster says:

    By the way, if they do ever give you a problem with the savings@sprint.com address, it’s pretty easy to come up with combinations of common names that work (john.smith and james.jones were two that worked for me). Also, on the Sprint website, there’s a section for press releases, and they all list email addresses for the contact people at Sprint.

  28. dinar1231 says:

    I have an exsisting account with sprint and I just called my regular customer service # and simply signed up for the SERO plan, no questions asked. I didn’t even have to give them my email address. My next step is to try and get a new phone at the same rate as I would for signing up to a new year plan (my current 2 year plan is only up in Oct 07). If anyone has any suggestions for that I would appreciate it.

  29. unoriginal says:

    I got my wife and I signed up for this about three months ago thanks to the info at Slickdeals. Cingular(nee AT&T) wanted $25 alone to add unlimited data to our account. Of course we no longer have a shared plan, but for the same price we get double the minutes we had before and quick net access.

    However I will miss being able to buy a new phone off ebay and swapping my sim into it. CDMA just cant compare with GSM in that regard yet.

  30. justin.ryan says:

    I signed up for this last night. Such huge savings on what I’m paying now for T-mobile.

    I have a sidekick II and pay $30 for 300 minutes (free weekends, no free nights) and $30 for data/text.

    Now, I ordered the Motorola Q, am only gonna pay 30 a month for 500 minutes (free nights and weekends), unlimited data. I’ll sell my skII on ebay to make up for the $99 spent on the Q, and call and complain to get a free text plan. Awesome.

  31. Sachin Agarwal says:

    I did the same as justin.ryan above – $30 for 500 minutes and unlimited data. What a wonderful deal – I have a work-issued BlackBerry, and I bought the Q for that sweet, sweet EVDO action. Now, I watch Cubs games via SlingPlayer on my Q. Insane.

    The one note – I asked LetsTalk/InPhonic (who fulfills the SERO site) to port my number. They did not. I called Sprint to port; they initiated the port, rendering my old RAZR useless with an unregistered SIM card, but not activating my Q. I took the Q to my local Sprint Phone Repair Center (I was smart enough not to go to a mall store), where they entered the last code the phone needed, and I was up immediately. So, be careful about porting a number.

  32. HalenBee says:

    I am current a sprint customer. Can I switch for SERO? It seems that SERO is for new customer only?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Evidently the SERO plans isn’t available anymore. You can still get a better plan if you actually know a Sprint employee, but the process is more complicated.