Sprint Employee Referral Deal Open To Everyone

My Money Blog details his experience with jumping in on the SERO (Sprint Employee Referral Offer) plan, which can you a good deal on a new cellphone and plan. Overall, it sounds positive and he got hooked up with free data transfer.

More importantly, now you need not even be friends with a Sprint worker, or possess the magical ability to figure out a Sprint employees email address, to take advantage. Just go to sprint.com/SERO and use “savings@sprint.com” or “savings@sprintemi.com” in the address field.

Check out 6 Documents Sprint Reps Have That You Don’t That Could Help You Buy Your Next Cellphone for even more of a leg up. — BEN POPKEN

Sprint SERO Plan Review: Affordable Cell Phone Plan, Free Data, Currently Open To All [My Money Blog]

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