Chase Puts Your Sensitive Documents On The Sidewalk

Chase is putting your personal information on the curb, opening thousands of customers to the potential for identity theft and fraud, as shown in this new YouTube video. These members of the janitors union go around from trash can to trash can right on the sidewalk and pull out documents with customer’s names, addresses, passwords, social security numbers, checking accounts, savings accounts, you name it. Pretty heinous.

However, we never get an establishing shot of the trashcan, so it’s not totally clear whether they are actually discovering these bags on the sidewalk. After all, they are janitors and thus have access to the trash cans inside the bank, and being a union, they probably have an axe to grind (like applying pressure on Chase for higher wages and benefits for custodial staff).

Wonder what you would find if you dug through the trash in front of your bank? — BEN POPKEN [Official Site]