Advertising's Next Big Idea: Sign Spinners!

Why settle for a boring kid on the corner simply holding a sign, when you can hire a sign spinner? Lower-end West Coast marketing operations are paying up to $60/hour to put young folks on corners and spin arrow-shaped advertising signs like baton twirlers.

They spin the signs on their hands, around the back, under the legs, flip em’ over the head, and so forth. Everyone once in a while they stop the sign so its message can actually be read.

Most cities strictly limit the placement of fixed so signs, so car dealerships and real estate brokers have gotten around this by hiring people to hold the sign. The natural evolution is for the signs to be spun, thus fulfilling advertising’s mandate to be as obtrusive and annoying as possible.

Now if they could mix in some krunking, then we’d be really impressed. — BEN POPKEN

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