Illinois Cellphone Lemon Law Approved, Moves On To State Senate

We like the basic idea behind this law, which is: If your cellphone breaks 3 times, you can cancel with no ETF. We’re sure it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the basic idea.

Cellphone companies predictably hate this idea, invoking all sorts of scary “slippery slope” logic to combat it. According to the Tribune, “Rep. Susana Mendoza, D-Chicago, says her bill is meant to hold wireless companies accountable by giving dissatisfied customers an option.”

There really is no reason that a person should be stuck with a 2 year contract and a phone that keeps breaking. It happened to Susana and that’s how she got the idea for the law. Critics of the bill claim that it will drive up prices, which, we hate to say it, is what critics of everything say.

If you support this law, you can let your state senator know about it. If you’re not from Illinois, we suppose you could still let them know. Say you’re from Schaumburg. Seems like everyone is from there. —MEGHANN MARCO

House OKs cell phone ‘lemon law’ [Chicago Tribune] (Thanks, Mary!)
(Photo: fonticulus)

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