‘Omaha Corrections Guy’ purchased two 256MB eVGA 7900 GT video cards. He was reveling in his “SLI-fueled gaming joy,” which can only be enjoyed with two video cards, until he began to notice artifacting, explained below:

I can’t game for 20 minutes without spikey jagged graphical flickering obscuring my view. I finally get annoyed enough to start fixing the problem. Evidently, 7900 GT’s, such as mine, are now notorious for memory problems which are causing (gasp) artifacting. They’re being RMA’ed left and right. So I pull out one card, test the remaining 7900 GT…yup, it’s….artifacting. I pull out that card, put in the other one…it’s fine. Ok, this is workable, I can still play on the one card while I send back the other for replacement.

The replacement that arrived was not the 256MG 7900 GT he sent away.

eVGA sent Omaha Corrections Guy a 512MB 7900 GTO, which is vastly superior. Unfortunately, even though the video card was better, to enjoy SLI mode, you need two cards running at the same speed. Omaha Corrections Guy sent eVGA a letter:

I recently submitted an RMA for a 7900 GT and sent it in. I got back a 7900 GTO card. While this is a nice card, even fantastic, I purchased a set of 7900 GT’s with the express purpose of running them in an SLI configuration. Sadly, I cannot run the 7900 GTO and my remaining 7900 GT in SLI mode, no matter how much I wish I could. So I am now running the new 7900 GTO alone, by itself, while my poor 7900 GT is sitting on my desk, looking at me with forlorn hope of a productive life. What can I do about this? Would it be possible to send in my 7900 GT for another 7900 GTO so I can run my system in SLI mode? I’d understand why eVGA couldn’t do this, but then, what’s life without a little hope? I purchase eVGA products because of their reputation of customer service, please help me out. Thanks!

Sure enough, eVGA responded:

I can work with my RMA department to make sure that we can upgrade your other 7900 gt. I just need you to verify the serial number for your 7900 gt and your shipping address and we can start an RMA for your 7900 gt to a 7900 gto.

We always encourage you to ask for what you want, because it may be exactly what you get. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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