US Airways Hires 1,000 New Employees To Ignore Your Complaints

US Airways is attempting to restore its ailing customer service operation by hiring 1,000 employees ahead of the summer travel season. The airline also plans to replace 600 self-ticketing kiosks that did not work, with kiosks that work. A decision like that just had to come after a long study undertaken by a committee.

On board its airplanes, US Airways said it would improve the quality of its food-and-beverage offerings in all classes of services on both domestic and transatlantic flights, including offering more and better meals for sale in coach.

Perhaps most useful, the airline, which also posted a $34 million first quarter profit, promised to create ‘passenger operations centers’ that would monitor inbound flights for potential connection delays and send customer service representatives to meet affected passengers at the gate with rebooked flights and, if needed, meal and hotel vouchers. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

US Airways will hire 1,000 to address service woes [Philadelphia Inquirer] (Thanks to Brendan!)
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  1. mattloaf1 says:

    I will never, ever fly US Air again, unless they very significantly undercut a competing airline on a route I want to fly. Same goes for you, United.

  2. JDAC says:

    I’ve only flown US Airways a couple of times, but they were pretty good each time.

    Actually, technically, I’ve only flown them once. The last time was going to be Orlando to London via Charlotte, only the first leg was delayed so they got me a seat on a BA direct flight instead. Wingo!

  3. t.a.m.s.y. says:

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, or corporation’s advocate — maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for meals to be offered at an additional charge.

    I say this for three reasons: (1) Anything that might bring down the cost of air travel is a good thing, and people who don’t want to eat crappy airline food shouldn’t have to pay for it; (2) less wasted food; and (3) if airlines were to turn food services into an added business opportunity, maybe the food wouldn’t be so terrible. It’d give airlines a fiscal incentive to make the options desirable.

    Airline food has never really been free; it’s just part of the price we’re payin. Presumably.

  4. roamer1 says:

    US Airways is really America West, aka “America Worst”. That should say it all!

    I’ve never liked them; to me they don’t seem to know whether they want to be a conventional airline or a discount carrier, and I’ve found their service (especially on the former America West side) to be really bad. They often have fairly cheap fares out of ATL, but I’ll happily pay more to airlines that have clue…which it seems like the “discount” airlines (AirTran, Frontier, et al) have more of these days.

  5. rlee says:

    Yup, just flew them earlier this week. One of two pairs of kiosks at National was down, and at least two of the folks in line in front of me at the working pair gave up in disgust without getting their boarding passes. Worked for me, fortunately.

    Coming back, I had to use an agent, as my flight was delayed over an hour, meaning I would have missed my connection. Fortunately, I’d gotten there two hours early, so they could get me on a much earlier flight; I’d apparently have been stuck for the night otherwise.

  6. FLConsumer says:

    I’m still waiting for an airline to decide to truly put customer service first and set themselves apart from the other airlines based on this…even if it means charging for it. There have to be other people out there besides me who aren’t price whores.

  7. shdwsclan says:

    Well, once that open skys deal goes through…US air and united will actually have to compete…cause then youll be able to british airways from Chicago to LAX