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Image courtesy of "...there's nothing really horrible about the call except that it's exactly like every customer service call you've ever had to make. It's oddly infuriating."

The Most Excruciatingly Painful, Yet Typical, Customer Service Call Ever
“…there’s nothing really horrible about the call except that it’s exactly like every customer service call you’ve ever had to make. It’s oddly infuriating.”

“Gen Y’s” Top 15 Most Trusted Brands
“….the youngish are drawn to brands that speak to them in a “straightforward and stripped-down way, use plain packaging, and avoid excess,” Personally, we don’t find this surprising as we (and most of the people we know ) are suffering from some sort of extreme marketing exhaustion as a result of being young during the 80s and 90s.”

Edible Nutrition Facts Printed On Cookie
“Is this the future of food? No. Is it awesome? Yes.”

Best Buy Either Voided Your XBOX Warranty Or Sold You A Used Unit
“After opening the box to test the unit, Dan says the Customer Service rep took the XBOX out of his sight, then came back and told him it had been tampered with and Best Buy would not accept the return… To add insult to monetary damage, the Geek Squad guy suggested to Dan that “maybe his friends” opened his XBOX.”

Bank Of America Let Conwoman Steal My Dead Aunt’s Identity And Rob Her Safe Deposit Box
“Further investigation found that it was actually a woman using his Aunt’s identity who cleaned out the box. This woman had “befriended” the aunt in the months before her death. The tale inside reads like it fell from the pages of a pulp detective novel…”

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