Recorded Customer Service Call Roundup

Recording customer service calls is fun! And if you submit them to our contest, we can provide value-added services (like mocking them) and you can win fabulous prizes! Let’s look back at some of the customer service calls we posted in the past to help us get in the spirit.

Verizon Doesn’t Know Difference Between Dollars And Cents
Verizon Still Can’t Count
Escaping Pharma Telemarketing Hell
Recording Of Wretched Dell Call
Quicken And MS Money Are ExtortionWare
WaMu Screws Customer Stranded Overseas After Credit Cards Stolen
T-Mobile Hotspot: Wham, Bam, But No Thanks
ShopNBC Demands Money For Broken TV
Verizon Says Cellphone Ads Only For Users Who Want Them…
Screaming Dell Customer Can’t Figure Out How To Shutdown Laptop (Hint: Hold Down The Power Button…)
American Airlines’ Retarded Computer
Best Buy Agrees On Tape, “We Do Have A Jackass Working In Our Department”
Demand A T-Mobile Hotspot Refund And Get It
174 Minutes On Hold With Blackberry, With Urination
Extremely Irate Building Manager Screaming For Elevator Repair
Getting Five Starbucks
Cancel Verzion By Moving to Cambodia
Comcast is Nice, Frustrating Man
Delta Tells Ze Frank Off
Travelocity Atrocity
Delta Go Videoblog Boom Boom

(Photo: Amyadoyzie)


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  1. You forgot the online pharmacy time-waster!

  2. keefies says:

    Um, a lot of these calls weren’t bad tech support, they were rude, impatient callers.

    For example, the dell one. The second one. “anatomy2.mp3.” I hope whoever submitted that is reading this. What the hell, lady? An automasted system doesnt work if you refuse to listen to it and work with it. There’s no reason to be rude to the operator who recieved you when he’s just following hnis guidelines asking questions. She was demeaning to the operator, moronic when working through the automated system, and overall a b****.

    Granted some of the calls were bad service. The original one was absurd, and hats off to Mark or Chris or whatever the guy calling HP’s name was for being kind to the operator.

    I work in a call center, and it’s callers like the dell lady that cause everyone to have bad exerienced. We get so many flat our rude and idiotic ladies like her, who are impatient and mean, that we lose to desire to help even the nice ones because we’re so burnt out.

    How about we make a thread asking for people to have some common sense, patience, and kindness, instead of asking them to trash phone operators who are paying their way through college like I am. Jeez.

  3. not_seth_brundle says:

    Where’s Verizon’s new math?

  4. lastfm says:

    The first one?

  5. @lastfm: The first one?

    Looks like they’re adding more as the night goes by. It’s not first anymore!