DIY Wallet Round-Up

We know how much you all love to make duct tape wallets, well, Instructables is having a DIY wallet contest and oh my are the entries flying in. There’s a phone book wallet, a James Bond wallet with a little camera, a RFID blocking wallet for you tin-foil hat types, a newspaper wallet, and a jeans wallet. And, of course, we love the wallet made from a computer keyboard. So many wallets! —MEGHANN MARCO

Instructables Wallet Contest


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  1. mopar_man says:

    While all of those wallets are cool, the only one that would hold up would maybe be the jeans wallet. My leather wallet has barely stood up to being in my back pocket everyday.

  2. spanky says:

    Duct tape wallets hold up surprisingly well, even when they live in back pockets. Better even, from what I’ve heard, are gaffer tape wallets.

    (No hoopty one-tape wallets for me, though. I am too classy for that. Mine has duct tape for the outside, metal tape inside to keep the spy rays out, and electrical tape for detailing because I am a big fashionista like that.)

  3. John Stracke says:

    My cheap leather bifold has lasted, I don’t know, 15 years or so. The plastic foldout bits for holding cards broke about 10 years ago, but I just keep the cards in the main bill compartment now. About twice a year I drop them, and that’s a pain; but it’s not a big deal. I might replace it in another few years (the leather of the bill compartment is wearing through), but I’m not going to waste my time making a new one out of duct tape.

    Mind you, I keep it in my front pocket, so it probably gets less abuse than it would in my back pocket.

  4. MarcAnthony says:

    Hmmm…So does this mean, I should stop spending a few hundred dollars on the likes of Burberry and LV wallets? Duct tape and electrical tape? Doesn’t that like get sticky and dirty? Seems like I would pull out more lint then money and credit cards when I would reach for my wallet!

    Maybe i can recycle the leather from my designer wallets and make a super designer wallet! Maybe have some left over for a card case…..BRILLIANT!

  5. spanky says:

    Oh, yeah, they’re very sticky.

    I’m thinking that maybe next time I will make it so that the sticky side goes on the INSIDE. They might even hold together better that way.

    Now, where is that damned Sharpie? I have to go write “Burberry” or something on my wallet.