Great Moments In Commercial History: Appliance Direct

Reader Amanda writes:

Here is my all time favorite pitchman Sam Pak from Orlando’s Appliance Direct. Sam is the best! He is the star of a AD’s 30 minute infomercials and also all of their commercials. When my husband and I are in Florida we sit around and wait for his commercials to come on.

If we’re lucky, sometimes we’ll catch a 30 minute spectacular. He LOVES appliances!

If you don’t pick Sam for a “Great Moments in Commercial History” you are wakkie nu nu!

We read this email not knowing what “wakkie nu nu” might mean. We watched the commercial. We’re still not sure. Sam does seem to love appliances, though. Anyone with information about the etymology of “wakkie nu nu,” is encouraged to come forward.

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  1. mantari says:

    Thank you! I was wanting to submit these very advertisements, but my googlefu was weak. JUNK!

  2. Loved these while I was going to Rollins College..

    Plates smell like poop? Maybe itsa you dishwasher?!?

    I think the wife that always wears the same dress with the wacky nu nu bangs is best part..

    YouTube Video

    Then there are the parodies…

  3. b612markt says:

    That’s 60 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. I’m pissed.

    If only there was a way I could show you the ads from Corpus Christi, TX in the early 90’s from a company called Delta Tire. They were wonderfully bad. Everyone in Corpus Christi knows the tagline of the commercial and I’m sure that the kid who had to say the tagline over and over in the spots is sick to death of people repeating it to him. It was the cadence of his voice that really did it.

  4. davere says:

    I have to stop for a few minutes each time I see his infomercials.

    I love how the woman stresses her points by closing appliances or hitting them.

  5. myrall says:

    Does anyone remember the Gallery Furniture ads with the Wolfman and Donna in Atlanta? That’s some classy stuff right there. (…goes off to hunt a link…)

  6. davere says:

    Aw, the one posted here is not a good one. This is a typical one

  7. Caswell says:

    Living in Central Florida, I can attest to the novelty of these ads, if only because the guy can keep on going for half and hour at a time. It’s amazing to watch him go on and on and on…

    That said, I still think that Allied Discount Tire takes the title of Central Florida’s best bad advertising of all time.

  8. vanilla-fro says:

    I too enjoyed these commercials during my stint in Orlando. These and the family automart commercials.

    On a side note, the “wife” in the appliance direct commercials is now doing commercials for scratch and dent world in the Naples/Ft. Myers area in Florida. S&D world sells damaged appliances, perhaps dented from a crazy asian guy hitting them.

  9. vanilla-fro says:

    she also wears almost the same dress and a knee brace

  10. Caswell says:

    Her shrieking reminds me of the Watson’s pool girl. Anyone who’s ever lived in one of their territories no doubt has “It’s hot, and you need a pool!” burned into their subconcious.

  11. magic8ball says:

    Urban Dictionary says “wakkie nunu” is “An expression, made popular by appliance salesman Sam Pak of central Florida fame, to say that something is crazy or stupid. Wakkie Nunu is quickly becoming a popular and widely used expression by central Florida teens.”

  12. mattbrown says:

    holy christ. i should’ve never stopped smoking weed.

    “they call them dispensers………………………………………………………………… we call them plastic cups.”

    wasting all your laundry money is wakkie nu nu, mothafucka!

  13. urban_ninjya says:

    OMG.. ROFLOL. I’m glad he’s saving our retirement money.

  14. Android8675 says:

    Wow, I’d totally buy from that guy, he talks slow, evenly, and enunciates so you can understand what he’s trying to say. Wow, makes me want to run out and buy a washer (if I had any place to put it).

  15. Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

    His claims about bleach & detergent are somewhat wrong!
    As long as the bleach is added after the detergent has started working, they don’t neutralize each other, they actually make each other work better.
    What he’s trying to do is sell a couple of brands of washers instead of the others because the ones he’s pushing have a higher profit margin for him!
    He must have been a used car salesman at one time!

  16. FLConsumer says:

    Sam’s Engrish has improved substantially over the years. The commercials were funnier when he spoke more Engrish than English.

  17. Lacclolith says:

    *cough cough*

    Yeah, I know that linking to YTMND is usually frowned upon, but trust me on this one.

  18. getjustin says:

    I am so glad this made it to the intarwebs. I saw those commercials for the first time last summer visiting my fiancee’s family in Naples. We watched for the entire thing because it was so bad.

  19. afran303 says:

    That guy is hilarious. Unfortunately, I don’t have plastic cups and now I feel sad.