The Best Of United Airlines

Filthy United Airlines! Disgusting Garbage-Filled Airplane Is Not Cleaned Before Next Flight Departs
How would you like to fly from Hawaii to Chicago in an airplane full of cigarette butts, candy, used tissues, pretzel bags, maxi-pad wrappers, crumbs, dirt, pens, balls of “goo”, and god knows what else…

United Airlines Says Don’t Bring Wine On The Plane If Your Name Sounds Terroristy
“if you can get it passed security, we have no problem with it”, then asked me for my name and nationality, “Given that information, I’d advise you to leave it at home”

United Airlines: Sorry We Lost Your Cat in the Cargo Hold For 3 Weeks
On Wednesday United cargo workers found the tired, hungry animal at Denver International Airport.

United Customers Abandoned in Wyoming As Plane Leaves Without Them
Tears filling his eyes, Roger Barbour watched in disbelief as two United Express jets took off without him just before Christmas at the Cheyenne airport in Wyoming.

Drunks On A Plane: How Not To Behave During A 6 Hour Flight
Attention readers: Do not get drunk during a long flight.

We Accidentally Post United Exec’s Cellphone Number

Sorry, we thought it was his office number.

United Airlines Laughs At Traveller’s Plight
When Wade asked one of the ticket agents who laughed at him what his name was, the agent said his name was, “Juice Box.

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