Just Getting Started With Personal Finance Roundup

Save Small, Save Often
“Ramit drew up a clever graph to explain why you can’t keep your long-term savings goals: You’re trying too hard.”

8 Free Personal Finance Management Programs
“…many readers chimed in with what personal finance software they enjoyed, many of them free. Here’s a roundup of the results:”

How To Improve Your Credit Score With Department Store Credit Cards
“A worker in the credit industry, Derek, gave us some tips to help young Paul boost his access to credit so he can live his American Dream.”

Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck
“Write down everything you buy: Saving and handcopying receipts can be a bitch, so we prefer to put everything on our credit/debit card, giving us a line item for every purchase, which we then drop from the online system into our budget software.”

How To Find And Join A Credit Union
“Credit unions are nonprofit, cooperative, member-owned banking institutions, so they’re less likely to screw you with fees and rules than the major commercial banks.”

(Photo: Ben Popken)

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