Clearance Items

Uncle Ben, CEO? [Slate]
“Uncle Ben is a rare survivor in the once-crowded world of racist spokescharacters. Most of his contemporaries were fired a long time ago.”

The title reads, “I Hate Comcast.” The page advertises Verizon FiOs service. Post-modern shopper biting back, or waste of a website?

A Building Binge for Bank Branches [NYT]
“Now, there’s nothing wrong with banks, but, you might wonder: Don’t we have enough branches already?”

Sao Paolo goes advertising-free [Boing Boing]
“Back in December, 2006, the mayor of the 11-million-person Brazilian city of Sao Paolo banned all outdoor billboard advertising, citing advertisers’ unwillingness to comply with the city’s rules on what sort of billboards can be placed where. Now the rule is in effect, and Flickr user Tony de Marco has documented the eerie sight of a city stripped bare of commercial visuals.”

(Photo: Arkansas Lad)

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