A Cautionary Note Regarding Above And Beyond

Above and Beyond highlights exceptional and extraordinary acts of service performed by individuals. Several emails and comments have misconstrued our posts as tacit endorsements of the featured companies. They are not.

Companies rarely earn Above and Beyond posts – individuals do. A company hailed in Above and Beyond may spurn their next customer; a different representative might even spurn the same customer that praised the company’s service.

Remember Arthur? The Casablanca Fan Company replaced a broken switch on his twenty year old fan free of charge. That was the response he received after calling customer service. He had also sent an email to customer support. Below is the email he received after we posted his story:

Dear Arthur,
We truly apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail. Unfortunately the parts are no longer available from our vendor to repair your fan. We are able to convert it to a three speed fan at the factory for a flat rate of $110.00. Or you may contact an authorized service center in your area to assist you. We need your zip code and phone number to direct you. Please write back or call the consumer toll free line.

Thank you,
Customer Care
Casablanca Fan Company

Same customer, same company, different representatives, different responses. Only one representative went above and beyond. That is the service we wish to commend. Please take our praise with a grain of salt larger than Lot’s wife. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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