Update: PointMaven Now Uncovers Superior Hotel Reward Offers With Maps

When we reviewed PointMaven, a utility to help compare nearby hotel reward offers, we suggested that the site would be “infinitely more useful with an option to superimpose hotel locations on a map.” We were pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Boaz Smueli of MileMaven.com:

You’ve mentioned that “[PointMaven.com] would be infinitely more useful with an option to superimpose hotel locations on a map”. That’s absolutely correct!

So here it is: PointMaven.com now shows the hotels and promotions on Google Maps. It currently supports 3 programs (Marriott, InterContinental Priority Club, Starwood Preferred Guest), and the others will be phased in.

If there is anything we like, it’s fast, responsive customer service. If you’re planning on booking a hotel anytime soon, give PointMaven.com another look. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

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  1. chriswooster says:

    Useful tool, but I think still not quite ready for prime time. Doing a broad search still generates the older, non-mappy version of the results, which I agree is a bit wonky. It wants to be kayakish, but is a few generations shy so far.

    The site also doesn’t overtly state where/how they’re getting their info. Advertiser presence on the site triggers a few alarm bells for me.