Welcome To The Future Home Of The Hazmat Whole Foods

Over at the Gowanus Lounge there is new discussion of the Brooklyn Whole Foods that is to be built on site of a toxic chemical spill that is absolutely, 100%, positively, in no way, seriously you guys, we’re not kidding around here NOT the fault of Verizon. Whole Foods has finally branded the site despite the huge hazmat warning, as shown in this way-cool photo.

According to Gowanus Lounge the toxic chemicals Whole Foods will have to deal with include (but, hey are probably not limited to): “volatile organic compounds and semi-volatile organic compounds (including napthalene and mixed xylenes), metals, benzene, acenaphthene, phenol and lead. ” Sounds delicious. —MEGHANN MARCO

Whole Foods Marks Gowanus Territory, Embraces Toxics [Gowanus Lounge]
(Photo: Gowanus Lounge)

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