Q & A With Ben Popken

Matt Elzweig, a New York based reporter, interviewed Consumerist Editor Ben Popken about the site, how to protect yourself from getting screwed, and neighborhood.

Are there any consumer issues, locally, that Consumerist is particularly concerned about?

There’s one–IDT Energy. What they are is an energy resaler. Con Ed encourages using these companies. However, this one company, IDT Energy, is going to peoples’ doors and saying, “Hi, I’m with Con Ed. I need you to sign this so you can save money on your bill.” So, they’re misrepresenting themselves. [You] can save money. It’s just false advertising. That’s the central problem. They came to my door. It was great–I’ve been writing about these guys, and all of a sudden, one shows up [at] my door. And after he left, [laughing] I called the cops on him.

Q & A with Ben Popken, Editor, The Consumerist [A Downtown Reporter]


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  1. acambras says:

    Happy Birthday, Ben!!!

  2. Yeah, I second that.

    Happy Birthday. Tell us what you got.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Yay happy birthday to me. So far I got a wonderful breakfast, a card, a big box of meat (omaha steaks, thanks pops), and $50.

  4. Niiice. Boxes of meat are awesome. And if you had a Wii, that 50 bux could get you a fun game.

  5. frankadelic says:

    I found the Consumerist after an IDT grifter (is it fair to call them grifters?) came to my door and I did some research on the company. So in a way I’m happy that shifty son-of-a-bitch darkened my door. Happy birthday, Ben, I long for the day someone buys me a box of meat as a b-day present.