Pet Food Recall: Second Tainted Ingredient Found, Recall Expanded Again

A second tainted ingredient has been found and the never ending pet food recall has been expanded again. The recall now include products made by at least seven companies and sold under more than 100 brands. From the AP:

“This has exposed that the safety standards for pet foods are not in place in any significant way and the kind of drumbeat, day after day, of recalls has shaken consumers’ confidence in the pet food industry’s adherence to food safety standards,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the United States.

The chemical, melamine, is believed to have contaminated rice protein concentrate used to make a variety of Natural Balance Pet Foods products for both dogs and cats, the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday.

Both ingredients were imported from China, but from different manufacturers. To see if there is anything left to feed your pet, check out the FDA recall page. This website doesn’t seem up to date, however, because it does not include “Natural Balance,” Fun. Does anyone else think these labels are creepy?—MEGHANN MARCO

Second Tainted Ingredient Found In Pet Food [Yahoo!]
(Photo: Chasqui)

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