CD Sales Plummet, RIAA Gets Progressively More Emo About It

CD Sales dropped 12.8 percent last year after dropping 8.1 percent in 2005. Digital downloads didn’t pick up the slack, despite increasing 74.4%. All in all, the recording industry’s sales dropped 6.2 percent

PCWorld tossed out the “p” word: “Piracy,” but we’re going to throw out another one. A “c” word. C for crap. Crap music. Crap products. Crap policies. Crap content. Then again, maybe its just us, but when we look at what you get on a DVD or a game vs what you get on a CD, it does occur to us that this may have something to do with the slide in music sales. But then again what do we know. —MEGHANN MARCO

Digital Tunes Not Making Up for CD Slide [PC World]
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