Lifehacker Roundup

Download of the Day: Better Gmail 0.2 (Firefox)
“Gmail’s good, but it could be better”

Waterproof your electronics with a condom
“Obviously there’s the ever-dreaded possibility of tearing, but if you’re gentle and take things slowly, you should be okay.”

Kill bugs dead with low-tech insecticide
“…how to kill pesky insects using nothing more than liquid dishwashing soap”

Tellme brings voice-activated information to your phone
“Just dial 800-555-TELL and then follow the voice prompts. Unlike GOOG-411, which offers only directory assistance, Tellme can serve up actual information: news, weather, stock quotes, movie showtimes and the like.”

DIY newspaper seedling pots
“…recycle your newspaper into biodegradable seed-starting pots.”