If The US Government Were The Average Household, What Would Its Budget Be?

If the government made $1,000 a week (about the median household income in the US) what would its budget look like? MSNBC took last year’s budget and calculated the “household” budget of the US Government. Here it is:

Health Care: $219.40
Social Security: $206.60
Military: $196.50
Income Security (Unemployment insurance, food and housing, retirement for federal workers, etc): $132.70
Interest on Debt (The US Government’s Version of Credit Card Payments): $85.30
Transportation: $26.50
Colleges: $19.00
Federal disaster relief and insurance spending: $17.40
Administration of justice: $15.40
Public Schools K-12: $15.00
The Environment: $12.40
Agriculture: $9.80
General government costs: $6.90
International development and humanitarian assistance: $6.30
Social services related to education and training: $6.20
Space Program: $5.50
General science and basic research:$3.40
Community and regional development: $3.20
Workers training programs:$2.70

Look like your budget? —MEGHANN MARCO

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