Great Moments In Commercial History: Ayd's

Don’t you hate it when you buy a B.S. diet “candy” and a horrible disease comes along and steals its name? From Time Magazine:

Jeffrey Martin Inc., the distributor of Ayds appetite-suppressant candy, has faced just this issue since AIDS, or acquired immune deficiency syndrome, began getting public attention in mid-1981. Jeffrey Martin acquired the Ayds marketing rights from Purex at about the time of the first report of AIDS.

Sales of the diet candy had been sluggish for years when Jeffrey Martin took over the product. Says Martin Himmel, company president: “We have repackaged it, redesigned it, readvertised it and given it a new breath of life.”

My, that last quote was unfortunate. Reader Dan writes:

If you haven’t posted it before, check out this commercial for the ‘Ayds Diet’ circa 1981.
BTW, my father worked on the commercial and that’s our old station wagon at the beginning.

Nice car, Dan. Nice car.

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