Adobe Adds DRM To Flash

According to the BBC, Adobe has added DRM to Flash. The DRM aims to prevent copying and ensure that viewers are unable to skip or remove embedded advertising. From the BBC:

“Adobe has created the first way for media companies to release video content, secure in the knowledge that advertising goes with it,” James McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester Research said.

Content publishers are promised “better ways to deliver, monetize, brand, track and protect video content”.


Adobe unveils Flash video control [BBC]
(Photo:Daquella manera)


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  1. Stepehn Colbert says:

    wow, that makes me glad that I just download and crack their programs.

  2. TomK says:

    I wonder if it will take over my browser and make the ad be on top of my computer desktop. I bet they would like to control my webcam and make sure my eyeballs are on the ad. In the future, USB brain sensors to make sure your brain’s attentional centers are sufficiently engaged in the ad. A pulse monitor to make sure the ad excites you enough before you can view content.

    A note to advertisers. People are saturated with advertising and they don’t like having ads forced on them, and when ads are forced on people, they think negative things about the companies polluting their mindspace.

    DRM on digital content is completely unworkable. This will be broken in days or weeks at best.

    Let’s not watch it.

  3. tadiera says:

    Hi, Adobe?

    You suck.

  4. Flash video either works so poorly or is created so poorly that it is too hard to use the video controls anyway. DRM is pretty redundant when clicking the buttons or slider doesn’t work.

    BTW, Adobe…YouTube. So n’yah.

  5. Art Vandelay says:

    Eh, this drm will be cracked soon enough and a handy firefox extension that allows you extract the desired video will appear shortly thereafter. Seems kind of pointless in my opinion.

  6. hop says:

    adobe,you sucketh….along with best buy………….

  7. Mr. Gunn says:

    This has always been the whole point of Adobe. PDFs weren’t designed to make something that looked pretty on a screen, they were designed and marketed as a way of wrapping DRM around text. I’m surprised this took them this long, but I guess I don’t really care that much, thanks to

  8. royal72 says:

    thank you so much adobe, i always wanted to watch more fucking commercials, because i don’t have enough advertising shoved down my throat already, assholes!

  9. FLConsumer says:

    Can’t wait to crack this one…bring it on.

  10. yoink says:

    I lovingly stare at one of my favourite Mozilla extensions: Flashblock.

    Ahh, peace and quiet.

  11. 3drage says:

    How dare Adobe put tools in their flash player to help protect original content from being stolen!

  12. kenposan says:

    So if these commercials are sucking MY bandwidth…

  13. hildeaux says:

    that picture is too funny.

  14. 0x12is18 says:


    …then you have the option of finding free content to watch instead.

  15. Sony and the RIAA called.

    They want their business model back.

  16. cynon says:

    Cool. Looks like Adobe just made their already unattractive, slow and bloated product even worse.

    Thank the gods for Flashblock!

  17. jaredharley says:

    @Holden Caulfield:

    Hahahahaha – thanks :D