Tax Season: Last Minute Tax Tips

It’s April 15, but because today is a Sunday and tomorrow is Emancipation Day in DC, taxes are not due until Tuesday. If you still have not done your taxes, Get Rich Slowly has several tips to keep in mind:

  • Get help from the source. The IRS web site has a trove of useful information, including how to file for an extension, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Don’t forget the telephone excise tax. If you have a phone, the IRS owes you.
  • Check your work. “Accidental errors are the top reason for tax audits.” There is no shame in using a calculator.
  • Be mindful of audit flags. Excessive deductions are audit bait.

    We will add a few pointers of our own.

  • Do not, do not, do not forget to sign your return.
  • If you need every last second, check with the USPS to see which branches stay open until midnight on Tuesday.
  • Read through our tax tag for several pointers, including our tax tip roundups.


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