Stop & Shop: Cheese From The Deli 66% More Expensive Than The Same Cheese On The Shelf

Reader J noticed the Cabot cheddar on Stop & Shop’s shelf carries a 66% markup when purchased from the deli department. Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar sells for $4.38 per pound on the shelf, while the exact same cheddar costs $7.29 in the deli department.

The store manager could not explain the price difference, but Cabot could. Cabot’s letter and the big cheese, after the jump…

The cheese on the shelf. Note the price per pound label.
The cheese in the deli department with a significantly higher price per pound. sent reader J coupons worth almost $8, and this letter:
When grocers markup a price, it is ostensibly because the item has been prepared and received added value, even though the preparation rarely justifies the exorbitant markup. There is no preparation here, nor is there any added value. This is the exact same cheddar, repackaged with a higher price tag. Before purchasing from a special department, check to see if the item is sold for less on the shelf. — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER