"Peek Squadder" Beloved By Customers, Colleagues

Though he stands accused of a disgusting act, secretly recording a customer taking a shower, Geek Squad Agent Hao Kuo Chi was held in high esteem by customers and among his fellow employees.

Posting on an online company forum Geek Squad Agent Paul Ybarra said:

On Black Friday he had a disgruntled customer yelling at him just because the store did not have anymore of an item, and Agent Chi politely told the customer that for $159 he would go to their house and they can yell at him for an hour.

Agent Chi did an inhome and in the middle of the job the father grab him and locked him in a closet because the mother came home and was enraged that an agent was in the house. All he did was call Mission Control and calmly ask for help to get out.

He was the first DA when Geeksquad rolled out, and still has customers asking for him to work on their computers. He moved away from our store to take care of his terminally ill mother.

Now he will never be able to work again due to this law suit.

Maybe Chi’s getting scammed by a pack of harpies. Or maybe the golden boy got cocky and cracked after years of dutiful service. Who knows. — BEN POPKEN


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