"Peek Squadder" Beloved By Customers, Colleagues

Though he stands accused of a disgusting act, secretly recording a customer taking a shower, Geek Squad Agent Hao Kuo Chi was held in high esteem by customers and among his fellow employees.

Posting on an online company forum Geek Squad Agent Paul Ybarra said:

On Black Friday he had a disgruntled customer yelling at him just because the store did not have anymore of an item, and Agent Chi politely told the customer that for $159 he would go to their house and they can yell at him for an hour.

Agent Chi did an inhome and in the middle of the job the father grab him and locked him in a closet because the mother came home and was enraged that an agent was in the house. All he did was call Mission Control and calmly ask for help to get out.

He was the first DA when Geeksquad rolled out, and still has customers asking for him to work on their computers. He moved away from our store to take care of his terminally ill mother.

Now he will never be able to work again due to this law suit.

Maybe Chi’s getting scammed by a pack of harpies. Or maybe the golden boy got cocky and cracked after years of dutiful service. Who knows. — BEN POPKEN


The Kind Of Cellphone Geek Squad Might’ve Taped Showering Customer With
Geek Squad Sued For Videoing Customer In Shower


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  1. Sonnymooks says:

    Well, we’ll have to see what the evidence shows. The “victims” are making concrete allegations with claims of evidence, so we’ll see.

  2. Emor8t says:

    As I walked along
    The supposed golden path
    I was confronted
    By a mysterious spectator
    he pointed to the camera phone
    over on yonder towel rack
    I paused in cosmic reflection
    confused and wondering.
    Of how I came to be spied

  3. oldhat says:

    Well, most rapists are known by the victims, too. Well, to be fair they didn’t know about the raping part…yet.

    Ever read about serial killers? Really nice guys! Except for the killing and all.

    So just because he has lived among us successfully for years does not mean…ANYTHING! He could be a monster or angel.

    Could be a nice guy with a moment of weakness, and stupidity. Or tip of the iceberg.

    What I’m wondering is who raised that woman to invite a strange guy into the house and then go take a shower?

    C’mon people, stop being such stupid prey! The world is dangerous! Take care of yourself!

  4. crayonshinobi says:

    The only concrete evidence I can think of would be if he appears on the video setting up the phone prior to the showering… If this is the case…certainly they could have edited the video and released that much to the media at least… Until then, can we stop lynching this guy?

  5. oldhat says:

    Um, not to place blame on women…my point is that females are born as prey and are the target of male predators their entire lives. With few exceptions.

    So females need to know this and stand ever vigilant and even suspicious. It sucks, but that’s what it takes.

    I’d go so far as to encourage all women, even and especially girls to train and arm themselves. Every woman in the country should be armed with something.

  6. jendomme says:


    “Every woman in the country should be armed with something.”

    Are you being serious? Exactly what the country needs, a bunch of women running around ‘armed’.

    These are merely allegations. Stop perpetuating the assumption that men are evil and that women are virtuous.

  7. zero_o says:

    This seems a little fishy. Especially because he didn’t get arrested? did he? I think all they are doing is suing best buy, it sounds like they are just looking for a payday.

  8. markymags says:


    Also, please stop assuming that there was only one woman in the house at the time. The Geek Squad Agent was in the house with a mom and her two daughters. On top of that, the mom was not the one who took a shower; it was her daughter who took a shower. It is not unusual for a child to take a shower when her mom and/or dad are in the house.

    We will know more as evidence unfolds. If what the girls said is true, that the Geek Squad Agent is shown setting up the camera on the recording, then he is going to be in deep trouble. If the card shows recordings of other women, again, he will be in deep trouble. Let’s wait for the evidence to unfold before passing judgment.

  9. mac-phisto says:

    “Agent Chi politely told the customer that for $159 he would go to their house and they can yell at him for an hour.”


  10. dwarf74 says:

    Personally, I think the video should be posted so we can all determine his guilt or innocence.

  11. Munkeyhatecleen says:

    Did anyone watch the news video? Not exactly the kind of people any self-respecting geek could be outwitted by.

    Something seems fishy about this whole thing..

  12. UnStatusTheQuo says:

    Honestly, to repeat a post I saw somewhere, who takes a shower with a complete stranger in the house? WTF?

  13. superlayne says:

    I don’t want to see this girl naked. I do want to see the beginning to that video. It’s driving me insane, not knowing.

  14. sleze69 says:

    Let’s all get in line and crucify him in the court of public opinion based on the actual evidence we have seen – NONE

    /saracasm off

  15. Type-E says:

    May be he set it up the phone to record the the younger sister taking a bath and not the ugly sister. Or it can be angled so that he could record any of the 3 women peeing.

    Anyway, I still think the geeksquad guy is the victim and he doesn’t even have a chance to defense with all these news and blogs posting his pics

  16. ADM says:

    @zero-o: he was indeed arrested. see the first youtube clip in the original post.

  17. quagmire0 says:

    What made him think someone wouldn’t see a CELL PHONE sitting on the towel rack?!? And yes, what woman TAKES A SHOWER when some strange worker she doesn’t know is in her house. Honestly, I think she was more offended that he didn’t ‘join’ her. :)

  18. Charybdis says:

    I have no idea who’s in the wrong here, but I do know that even the best geek out there can make a horrible mistake.

    I mean, who among us *didn’t* go see Star Trek V?

  19. Collins1990 says:

    @ Emor8t Chemical Brothers FTW!

    Also, this whole lawsuit does sound kinda fishy. Like they planned it in advance. Would you really take a shower while you had GS at the house?

  20. Collins1990 says:

    AND they [the girls] say they took the memory card from the phone. They could have recorded the video ages ago and put the video on his card so they could make a dishonest buck

  21. webwbr says:

    @Munkeyhatecleen: I believe your right… this does seem fishy.

    @oldhat: You’re just plain nuts.

  22. Marcus says:

    Also, geek squad agents typically find themselves in a “everyone gather round while he shows us how to do this, that way we’ll all know from now on” sort of position, so if he was in a room with EVERYONE else in the family…. why was she wandering off?

  23. Trumps says:

    does seem kinda fishy. I wouldnt think he would do that. Maybe he left his phone in the restroom on accident, and they set the record???