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Woot: Sandisk Sansa e140 1GB MP3 Player for $29.99

• Free Sample of Kashi GoLean Crunch Cereal

• TARGET’s One Dollar Section Clearances to 25 Cents Tomorrow

Highlights From Bargainist Motorola H350 Bluetooth Earset $27
Philips Outlet: Philips 50″ Pixel Plus Plasma HDTV $1100 Steven Raichlen Best-of-Barbecue Tool Set $15

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Barnes & Noble: Choose from Thousands: Get Three DVDs for $20
Apple Store: $500 off Refurb 20-inch 2GHz Duo Core iMac
Mwave: Logitech R-10 Stereo Computer Speakers only $7


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  1. facted says:

    Who in their right mind would buy an Apple refurbished product? Their NEW products don’t have the best longevity…

  2. Bye says:

    Who in their right mind would make such an ignorant, blanket statement like that?

    If Apple offered the kind of warranties other computer manufacturers did, I might be inclined to agree. And what’s also great is that Apple allows you to purchase AppleCare (always a deal) to extend your warranty out by an additional 2 years – even on refurbished stuff.

    Granted, I’ve only purchased refurbished iPods from them but anecdotally, I can tell you that I have never thrown out an Apple product. In fact I have my PowerMac 8100 from 1995 set up and working like a champ in the guest room.

  3. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @Rey: I belive if you review the numerous posts on this site relating to issues with Apple products you will see that they are pretty much on par with everyone else. I had a 4gen Ipod that kept locking up after every other song. Sent it to Apple and it comes back in worse shape than when I sent it in. I finally convinced the store I bought it at to let me return it and buy another mp3 player. So at least IMHO apple is pretty much like everyone else.

  4. Ian S. says:

    I myself purchased a refurbished 3g iPod. It rapidly developed very annoying issues such as a severely crippled battery, buttons that fairly frequently would stop working for extended periods of time, and features like randomly rewinding tracks over and over again every 30 seconds or so when put in my pocket with the hold button on.

    I ended up sending it to Apple, and because I was in the second half of my warranty period for a refurbished product paid shipping. Then Apple refused to fix anything, pocketed my $35 dollars, and sent me my defective iPod back.

    I know the battery thing has been beat to death, but I’m rather pissed about my now unusuable iPod. I for one will never buy an Apple refurbished product again, or any iteration of an iPod.

  5. pestie says:

    This is why I’m happy to forego iPod-mania and buy disposable ($20 or thereabouts) MP3 players on Woot. Yeah, I know, I don’t get the hipster cred, but I personally consider that a bonus.

  6. Bye says:

    So are there any other anecdotes about Apple computers and not iPods in particular.

    Bottom line is, no matter what Apple product you use, buy AppleCare. Of course there are those who feel (and actually may have been) screwed by AppleCare, but I think that’s a small minority.

    Pestie: I think true hipster cred is achieved by NOT having an iPod these days. iPods are so mainstream now.