25% Of Americans Say They Have No Savings At All, Including Retirement

Don’t spend much time thinking about the future? Flying cars? What you’ll eat? Where you’ll sleep?
If you have less than 25k saved you’re in good company, or at least, there are lots of you. 50% of workers 35 to 44 have less than that amount saved. 1/3 of those aged 45 and over did too. 25% of people surveyed had no savings at all. No savings account. No retirement account. No investments. Nothing. Zero. Bad Idea. From CNN:

All but the lowest earning men should have accumulated in a nest egg 12 times their income by the time they retire, EBRI estimates. That’s $900,000 for a man earning $75,000. A woman, because of a higher life expectancy, should have 14 times her income

Damn. Women live so long they can pull that “put one penny in a savings account and in the future you’ll be a zillionaire, but it’ll only pay for one dinner” thing from Restaurant At The End Of The Universe.—MEGHANN MARCO

Have less than $25K in savings? Get in line[CNN]

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