UPDATE: Costco "Conor Oberst" Guitar Was Authentic, Sold By "Internal Mistake"

The manufacturer of the Conor Oberst Guitar, First Act wrote us with the following statement:

The guitar listed on the Costco website is a single guitar that was signed by Conor Oberst after an acoustic performance in New York on September 16th, 2005. Due to an internal mistake at First Act the guitar was put up for sale on the Costco website.

First Act takes full responsibility for this error and had it removed from the site yesterday (April 11, 2007). In no way was Costco misrepresenting the item; it’s actually an authentically signed guitar. First Act regrets the error, as the guitar was not intended to be sold to the public.

Costco is off the hook. We’d love to know what sort of internal error that was, but we’ll live. —MEGHANN MARCO

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