Comcast Buys Fandango, Becomes Fandastic?

Comcast has paid an estimated $200 million smackers for movie-ticket “destination” Fandango. Comcast says that Fandango will be part of Fancast, their new spiffy internet thingy. From Adweek:

Here’s how Fancast works: Viewers interested in the new movie Perfect Stranger could not only access information via Fandango on where and when the film is playing as well as content concerning the movie, but also the scheduling of movies on TV featuring Stranger stars Bruce Willis or Halle Berry. In addition, any related content on the Internet or mobile would be identified.

Fancast also eventually will allow Comcast subscribers to remotely program what their DVRs will record.

Sounds complicated. —MEGHANN MARCO

Comcast Adds Fandango to Media Mix [Adweek]