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Money Metaphors (You wouldn’t punch a kitten, would you?) [Wise Bread]
“You mean, when I get hit with a late fee, it’s like someone punching our kitten?”

Companies Lifting Designs From Artists [BoingBoing]
“Urban Counterfeiters” is a blog about companies that take designs from artists and use them without permission or payment.

Dark Chocolate, But Not Tea, Takes a Bite Out of Blood Pressure [Forbes]
“Based on our analysis, regular consumption of polyphenol-rich cocoa products like dark chocolate may be considered a part of a blood pressure-lowering diet, provided there is no total gain in calorie intake,”

Target CEO GEts Over $36 Million in 2006 [Blogging Stocks]
Ulrich’s compensation included $1.6 million in salary and more than $6 million in bonuses

(Photo: iwantamonkey)

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