6 Reasons To Plant A Shrub This Weekend

Shrubs can be a cheap (if you buy ’em small) and easy way to add dynamics to your home’s exterior. Here’s what a shrub can do:

• Create privacy
• Provide interest year-round
• Make a wind break
• Add texture and form to your yard
• Attract birds and butterflies
• Reduce coolings costs

Oh and look, Home Depot is offering a buy 1 shrub, get 1 shrub free coupon. And they tell you how to plant one. Go shrub it up! — BEN POPKEN

Top 10 Reasons to Plant A Shrub [Home Depot via Shakyard]
(Photo: Bill O’leary)


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  1. The Bigger Unit says:


  2. FLConsumer says:

    I can hear it now… from Monty Python… “A shrubbery!”

  3. I’m particularly fond of Henry Lauder’s Walking Stick as a shrub — it’s all twisty (“contorta” is the botanical term) and looks awesome in the winter.

    Also like Burning Bush a lot. And Forsythia. Both pretty easy, and both very pretty in their seasons.

    Everybody uses yews and junipers for evergreens. They’re nice, but yews get all scraggly when badly maintained and then die too early and then your house looks naked. You can “bonsai” the juniper bushes, which looks super-cool if you have the right sort of house for it.

  4. superlayne says:

    You could just plant a few rosemary plants around your house. If they get big enough, they look like shrubs…Smell and taste better than them, too.

  5. oldhat says:

    This is just another con by the shrub mafia. They are a bunch of break-away radicals from the Plant-a-Tree lobby.

    We need to stop them now before they take root!

  6. Plasmafire says:

    3 reasons not to:

    1) There is now 6 inches of snow outside and more piling up.
    2) the back yard is already completely surrounded by shrubs acting as a natural snowfence, keeping the 6ft. snowdrifts out.
    3) The weather forecast this weekend is calling for more snow.

  7. Trai_Dep says:

    The holes are a great for getting rid of all any bodies piling up, too. Spring cleaning, people!