Mice On A Plane: Search For Escaped Pet Mouse Grounds Flight For 4 Hours

A Vietnam Airlines flight was grounded for more than 4 hours while flight crews searched for an escaped pet mouse that had been spotted by a passenger. It is suspected to have been smuggled aboard by its owner, who has not been identified.The mouse was eventually found in the airplane’s food compartment.

A spokesperson for the airline said the mouse had to be located before take-off because it posed a threat to the safety of the plane. “We were afraid it might chew through some of the plane’s cables,” said the head of the airline’s safety department.

Sneaking animals on a plane? Not such a good idea. Then again, maybe it was just escaped food for the snakes.—MEGHANN MARCO

White mouse forces delay of Vietnam Airlines flight [USAToday]
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(Photo: Refracted Moments)

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