Readers Bite Back

  • Apple: Barely Perceptible Cosmetic Dent Invalidates Your Warranty
    VA_White says: “How is this the same Apple that replaced my $800 processor for free after I dropped a liter of Diet Dr Pepper on my keyboard? How?”

  • U-Haul Requires A Thumbprint To Rent A Van?
    Medalian1 says: “Wow I can’t believe someone who visits this site actually USED U-Haul.”

  • Religion On The Job
    esqdork says: “Pork-based birth control. Yummo.”

  • Don’t Get Your Oil Changed At Walmart
    Miggell1 says: “NO we do not hire 16 year-old boys.

  • AUDIO: Screaming Dell Customer Can’t Figure Out How To Shutdown Laptop (Hint: Hold Down The Power Button…)
    royal72 says: “That’s the third time i’ve listened to it now and it keeps getting funnier every time.

  • Check With The Postmaster Before You Install A Mailbox, Or Else
    itchy feet asks: “He paid HOW MUCH for a mailbox and stand???

  • The Friendly Reminder Amazon And Barnes & Noble Would Prefer We Kept To Ourselves
    SpyMaster says: “I don’t like going to the library anymore. Too many punks hanging around and making noises…”

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