Reach Equifax Executive Customer Service

If you haven’t been able to solve your Equifax credit report problems through normal channels, you can escalate your issue to their executive customer service team. Here’s the info:

Dinah Watson
ph: (404) 885-8122 Disconnected… Call 404-885-8300 and ask for Dinah Watson.
fx: (404) 885-8083



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  1. pnyc says:

    Seriously if this website was a man I would marry you and cook daily…I just got done playing automated phone games with Equifax. This is beautiful.

  2. pavelgigov says:

    I have left a message for Dinah Watson, to which she never responded. I have tried calling the above mentioned number several times again in the last week, however I get transfered to the general customer service line. Having confronted the people answering that phone numberm I was told they have been instructed to not transfer calls to her but to customer service instead. After demanding some respectful treatment I was transfered to a Trish Something-or-other. And left a message. Let’s see.

  3. BigHeadStu says:

    Same as above…they simply told me that Dinah Watson does not handle credit report issues. Refused to do anything but dump me to reg cust. service…

    I hate the ‘Big three” and these guys are BY FAR the worst

  4. effin says:

    Equifax had me and my sister listed as the same person. I spent weeks getting passed around to different places. Phonecalls, e-mails… Nothing helped. Then I called this number and I was speaking to Dinah in about 20 seconds. Thanks for posting this number!

  5. tz says:

    This just worked for me. The rest were robots, some of the flesh and blood variety that wouldn’t help.

    I did the but by phone, and Equifax sent me a letter saying I had to mail back various pieces of ID. I have a residential address (that in the past has lost mail – returned marked “address does not exist” including W2 forms) and my business address which I most commonly use. There were some hiccups with the addresses they had on file which were resolved in a few minutes (so I probably won’t even need to call again to fix it when I get the report).

  6. Cristal Rodriguez says:

    I just called and got her voicemail. If I don’t hear back from her by lunch time I am calling again. I do not have time to waste, and Equifax is by far the *worst*!

  7. Cristal Rodriguez says:

    I heard back from Dinah today! I had this problem where there were two files in my credit report and it was showing my name was Cristey and that I was born in 1975. Um, NO SIR! Born in 1983, thankyouverymuch! This is what was preventing me from ordering my credit report online and disputing a paid bill! Last night I called crappy customer care and they just argued with me and wanted me to fax in all sorts of ID’s. Dinah called me back and fixed my file and is sending me a free credit report for my troubles!

  8. cinnnamon says:

    I have gotten hold of with no problem also of Gail Barnes -Excutive Customer Service Rep (, always call the main number (404)885-8000 or (404) 885-8300,ext 0. Tell operator that you need to speak to Gail Barnes or Dinah Watson @ Exec Cust Service or an avail exec rep. Don’t call toll free number-customer, they won’t transfer you. Trish Graybeal is the Vice President of Executive customer Service. Office of Consumer Affairs (800) 846-5279.

    Owen Flynn (
    Gary Poch President (
    Robin Holland (not sure if she still here)
    Dinah Watson ( – (404) 885-8366 -Direct Line and her direct fax (404) 885-8346. My case is being handle by Gail Barnes, so I don’t waste time with immature cust service rep in india or phiilipines. I contact always the top people directly and their more professional in handling my issues, as they do call me back promptly.
    They really work fast on your case.
    I had identity theft issues (they items were removed) and always send “CERTIFIED LETTER mail to them directly -1550 Peachtree St NW Atlanta, GA 30309 (NO P.O Box address)with the Executive customer service name (Dinah Watson or Gail Barnes) on the envelope and copies of your ID and social security card, so they have it on file with documentation, and any letters enclosed (such as police reports, FTC affidavit of forgery as notarized and any all supporting documents stating what your requests are to have them better assist you. They might to respond to email, but they do read it.

    Good Luck!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have spoken the Dinah Watson she is of no help and violates the FCR. I have documented indisputable proof on the creditor’s company letter head I obtained from the creditor with name, address and phone number that states what is to be corrected. In spite of that she opened up a new dispute. Then I was told there would be no change regardless of what the creditor has noted to be changed. That is a total violation of the FCA. It is not for the CRA to decided what is or is not to be included on a person’s credit report. They are merely the “vendor” to the subscribing customer, namely the creditor who subscribes to their service. I recontacted the creditor to verify and they directly contacted her. I was then told there was a “glitch” in the Equifax system … but my report is not being corrected inspite of the letters, documentation and direct phone contact the creditor made with Dinah. I was then told by Dinah my case was being handled by Trish Graybeal. I have left 4 voice mails in the past 2 days. She has not returned my calls. I am going to file a complaint with the FTC, my AG and contact my attorney for any other remedy available.