Guy Who Flipped Out In Brooklyn Post Office Is NOT Sorry About It

Remember Richard Marino? The guy who flipped out in a Brooklyn post office? The guy who said, “I’m the customer, you stupid bitch?” He’s not sorry about it, and the Daily News had to issue a retraction for suggesting that he was. From Regret The Error:

A HEADLINE in Monday’s Daily News, “He regrets his role in ‘postal’ vid,” implied that Richard Marino, the subject of a YouTube video, was sorry for an incident in December at a Brooklyn post office. Marino, in fact, is not sorry. The News regrets the error.

He’s not sorry, you stupid bitches. —MEGHANN MARCO

Read the original Daily News story inside, as we can’t seem to find it on their website.

Daily News writes:



THE OUTRAGED customer of a notorious Brooklyn post office whose profanity-laced outburst was immortalized on wants to put the mess behind him.

Unemployed receptionist Richard Marino, 44, outed himself to the Daily News as the man in the video having an explosive postal meltdown after enduring long lines and rude service at the Kensington post office branch.

The tirade drew sympathy from many fellow customers, and the five-minute, 43-second clip became an Internet sensation.

“I am struggling to put it behind me and move forward. I want to send positive vibes out to all concerned, without any animosity and grudges, and let God take care of the outcome,” Marino told The News.

The clip shows an irate Marino demanding to see a manager – until cops step in.

“The customer’s always right; you were wrong!” Marino shouts to an unseen clerk, apparently the only one working the windows that afternoon.

“You were wrong. You’re an a—–e,” Marino says as he paces.

But Marino said he isn’t the lunatic he’s made out to be in the YouTube clip, which has been viewed more than 20,000 times – 18,000 of those after The News identified the videographer last month as fellow Kensington resident and marketing executive Jefferson Pang, who captured the footage in December.

“I am a very active, involved, diligent, mindful, aware, alert, watchful member of my community,” Marino said last week, adding that he is a detail-oriented, regular participant in Community Board 12 and 66th Precinct Community Council meetings.

The McDonald Ave. post office came under fire recently after customers complained of routinely spotty service, employees’ bad attitudes and a lack of postal equipment.

As of last week, however, it was clear that some fellow customers at the Kensington branch seemed to believe the location still needed more improvement.

“To everyone who is like, ‘Oh my gosh, that man is way out of line!’ Um, no, he isn’t,” one YouTube viewer wrote.

“This is also my local post office, and it IS really that bad. Worse even. So bad, we switched post offices.”

Marino said he wants to let bygones be bygones.

“During this season of Easter and Passover, which is a blessed, holy, peaceful season, I have decided to keep the peace and move on,” Marino wrote in an e-mail to The News. “God wants us to be instruments of his peace, and those of us whom believe in Jesus Christ abide by His teaching of forgiveness and letting it go.”

No Regrets [Regret The Error]


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  1. The Bigger Unit says:

    “I’m Rick James, bitch. I’ll walk in your house and grind my feet on your sofa. It’s how I’m livin’. Cause I’m Rick James.”

  2. hemaphore says:

    Hey, you know what? If this prompts the United States Postal Service to actually go through and improve service times at their offices around the country, then hey, mission accomplished, right?

    I’m not justifying his name calling/abusive behavior, but at the same time it takes otherwise mundane situations getting to an extreme to bring attention to them…

  3. Kornkob says:

    *shrug* I hope they don’t go through and change the post offices here cause it works here. The only times there are lines here is aroudn those times of the year when there are lines everywhere– christmas and the like.

  4. i4ni says:

    I’m a customer too, and I would have punched him in is his fucking face. The customer is NOT always right.

    That stupid pig makes consumers looks horrible.

    Welcome to the sue-happy, corporate-hungry America.

  5. Vinny says:

    Going to the post office is the most horrible experience any human being should have to endure. I feel for this kooky bastard.

  6. i4ni says:

    I’m sorry for the double post… It just irks me the sense of entitlement some people have.

  7. Gasface says:

    I love when women use the word bitch. It’s a beautiful double standard.

  8. 2fast4u says:

    I feel very sorry for the guy! He’s not alone! What’s with the USPS, having only 1 person at the counter, when the line is “out of the door”? This is NOT, just at the holidays; it’s ALL the time. I am in a neighboring state and my Post Office is right across the street from City Hall and the Police Station. NONE of the clerks, stationed at the window are American, they are East Indian and speak to each other, in their native language, while ignoring, YOU, the customer! This is ALL day, EVERY day! I had to blurt out one day, is “anybody working here”? Followed by applause, for speaking up! I am Black, so I know how it feels, to be ignored, like I am NOBODY! I really can relate to this poor man! With bad, or poor service, they now want a 2 cent increase, when they render NO service, at ALL! My 2 cents!

  9. smith186 says:

    Sense of entitlement? For decent and reasonable service from a “company” that our government has granted a full monopoly? Yes, I think we probably are entitled – it’s not like you have an option to take your business elsewhere.

    Sure, the guy was pissed off, and stepped over the line of common decency, but that clerk went even farther over the line the second she started provoking him. You don’t get to do that, even if you don’t like a customer or how he’s behaving. And we don’t know what happened in the period of time right before the video started either.

    Given my personal experiences with the post office, though thankfully not that one, I’m inclined to side with the raving lunatic.

  10. ElizabethD says:

    Gotta give the guy credit for constancy. But I sure wouldn’t want to live with, or near, him.

  11. capnfive says:

    It’s unfortunate that there’s not accountability for the USPS. They’ve never been able to forward a single piece of mail after I moved and filled out a change of address form. What am I going to do? Get someone else to delivery my mail to me?

    It probably takes some embarassment (like this) to get anything to change at the USPS.

  12. kenposan says:

    I must live in Nirvana. My local post office AND DMV are both staffed by friendly and efficient staff.

  13. Esquire99 says:

    Personally, I think the government should let WalMart run the post office. It would be much more efficient that it current is (though I suppose it’s not difficult to rise from an efficiency level of zero) and stamps would only cost $.10. While the employees might still be incompetent, the lines wouldn’t run out the door, and you wouldn’t be forced to deal with some overpaid schlep who has absolutely no understanding of the word “Customer Service”. I’ve been in the Post office in the town where I attended college and witnessed the sole counter worker put up here “on break” sign and leave the counter, and when a customer asked what the hell she was doing, she simply explained “I go on break at 10:45. It is 10:45, so I am going on break”. When the customer mentioned the fact she was the ONLY person working the counter, the snidely said “I GO ON BREAK AT 10:45, AND IT IS 10:45”, and walked away. It was at least 5 more minutes before someone came to the counter, and proceeded to slowly and unapologetically service the long line. I avoid the post office at ALL costs, and rank it right up there with have my skin peeled off and put back on inside out.

  14. BMR says:

    as frustrated as you get, there is really no excuse for acting like such a dick in public.

  15. royal72 says:

    lmao!!!! hahahahahahaha… new yorkers, i love you!

  16. ObtuseGoose says:

    I do sympathize with the guy, but it’s obvious he has absolutely no social skills when it comes to dealing with people. If I had been in the post office at the time, I would have wondering if this wack-job was carrying a gun.

  17. jendomme says:

    He must have been quite frustrated with repeated poor service to lash out in that manner. It is unfortunate, but since there is no accountability at the USPS there will likely be no change in their level of service. People who are drawn to these jobs are not the most intelligent or motivated group of people around. It’s frustrating, but sometimes there is no way around the USPS.

    Like Kenposan posted, my local DMV and USPS offices are great. Everyone speaks English and is attentive to customer needs. Plus there is no bullet-proof glass surrounding the counter.

  18. Craig says:

    If this guy believes in Jesus Christ he may want to start wearing a WWJD bracelet. This wasn’t it.

  19. zolielo says:

    This fellow is lucky as one really should not provoke postal workers…

  20. Stepehn Colbert says:

    good for him. Makes me wanna walk into a random store and state to a random woman, “I’m the customer you stupid bitch”, and when she asks me why I said that, I’ll tell her, “you will see shortly”.

  21. Sonnymooks says:

    Personally, if I had worked at that post office, I would have came out, beat him senseless….and then been arrested and prosecuted.

    However, he would have been in the hospital, so not sure if that would have been for the best.

  22. Skylar says:

    @ObtuseGoose: I would’ve just used one of my own. Problem solved.

  23. dalasv says:

    I used to live by this EXACT post office. The service was absolutely terrible. Worst post office I have ever experienced. They deserved everything they got.

  24. reflous says:

    If you think this guy overreacted, and have never been in a New York postal office, you are sadly mistaken. I only wish he had tested the bullet proof windows.

  25. triggerhippy says:

    If that “stupid bitch” behind the counter would have given the CUSTOMER what he wanted, he would have been happy and been on his merry way. Instead, she probably was acting like a “stupid bitch” which warranted that guy getting all pissed off.

    Even people who replied to this post have said that that particular post office is crappy. Then why are people talking shit about a guy that got mad for wanting to PAY for something and go about his business?

    I think its safe to assume that we all have been in a position where we are going to pay for something but felt you weren’t getting the service you deserved. Some people walk out with the belief that they’ll let their pocketbooks do the talking. We live in a day and age where that isn’t feasible anymore. These multi-million dollar corporations would just shut down that store if it weren’t making any money but the sad fact is that the multi-million dollar corporation is still around, just not around you anymore. So that means less stores and less competition which leads to higher prices. I walked into Best Buy one day needing an iPod charger. They wanted $40 dollars for it but I thought in my head that the retail price was $30 dollars for it. I left Best Buy and went to the Circuit City that is 5 minutes away and found the charger there for $30 dollars. Had Circuit City closed down, I would’ve had to pay $10 dollars over retail. Admittedly, this example is a little weak but I hope it gets the point across.

    Its hard being a “nice guy” nowadays especially if you live in a major metropolis like New York. I live in Los Angeles and 8 out of 10 people you meet here are dickheads. These are the same dickheads working behind a counter helping me but most of the time, is it really help?

    When I have a problem at a store, I try and act real calmly and try and resolve my problem with the person I’m dealing with. If that doesn’t help, I’ll go up the chain of command but sometimes that doesn’t work. What usually works after that is a REALLY PISSED off look on my face to where it looks like I’m going to hurt him/her. Then I raise my voice and tell them my disastisfaction. Believe it or not, this does work but you do have to have the look from hell on your face. Do I like to do this? Hell no. I just wish they gave me what I wanted and I would be on my merry way, “Stupid bitch!”

  26. jkschlitz says:

    @kenposan: Same with me. On several occasions I’ve actually left the post office with a smile on my face because the person I dealt with was so nice and friendly.

    @BMR: You can say that again. Who does he think HE is? Even if he was getting horrible service, that’s no reason to act the way he did. There are better ways to make your feelings known. If you want to be treated with respect you should treat other people with respect.

  27. Smashville says:

    While the guy is obviously a dick…but do we know what was said or done to set him off?

    And under no circumstances should any person providing customer service tell the customer to go to hell no matter how rude they are…I don’t know how many people caught THAT part. Why not let the guy see the freaking manager?

  28. mermaidshoes says:

    “I think its safe to assume that we all have been in a position where we are going to pay for something but felt you weren’t getting the service you deserved. Some people walk out with the belief that they’ll let their pocketbooks do the talking.” – triggerhippy

    or just walk out–WITH the product or service, but without paying. your pocketbook does the talking AND you get what you came for. i’ve done this a couple of times, most notably when a cashier decided that she should completely ignore me and take a break after serving the person in front of me (no one was behind me; it would have taken her about 4 seconds to check me out). based on her actions, i decided that i should leave with my stuff but without paying–and neither she nor any other employee even noticed.

    i don’t support shoplifting per se, but damn, if employees are too busy or apathetic to even *notice* that i haven’t paid for something, why shouldn’t i just take it? it’s not like i was being stealthy–i walked straight out the door, nice and slow, right past two (non-busy) employees, just waiting for someone to say, “can i help you pay for that?” seriously, is it my duty as a customer to *beg* an employee to please let me pay for the items i need? i don’t think so.

    this is why self-checkout is fabulous–except when you’re behind someone who has messed up the system so atrociously that even the cashier can’t figure it out. i’m ecstatic that they’ve recently added a package machine at the local post office–no more being number 75 when they’re serving 42.

  29. Gonepostal says:

    Don’t blame customer, but don’t blame the postal clerk either. I work for the Post Office. I am a window clerk. And as hard as I try to truly bring good customer service to every customer my employer, The US Postal Service ,has made it virtually impossible to do. They won’t staff adequately. They leave their window staff flapping in the breeze and they have a secret policty to require that their clerks lie to customers on a regular basis. They want us to push their most profitable products whether you want them or not. Period. Or suffer the consequences.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The Kensington Post Office is the worst I have ever experienced. There are always long lines, people behind the counter who are rude, a manager who is never available, the place stinks, it never has adequate forms out, and I could go on. The level of anger and frustration in the lines is always very high and I commend this man for speaking out and for speaking on behalf of all of us. I love Kensington, I hate the Kensington Post office. We had a citizen’s meeting some months ago, and despite assurances for the general manager in Brooklyn PO and the local politicians, nothing has changed.